Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tea and....anything you WANT!

In an attempt to reduce the now steeped and simmering feelings of frustration and disappointment (mom's can't always be relied on) I ventured outdoors for a quick stroll. In search of a source of protein for this evening I found myself at the not so wonderful world of sobeys. Looking for Quinoa, I settled for fava beans. Hoping for avocado I settled for Kale (and still the bewildered look by the cashier. The look that pleads with me to just tell her what it is so that she can stop spinning the produce wheel of fortune that is perched above her register).
So before launching off for a run which will see me returning to an exciting evening of making some sort of kale-cucumber-tomato-onion-garlic-bean extravaganza I am settling in for a nice little cup of tea.
Funny that I have yet to mention much of anything about this little (read as: BIG) habit of mine (read as: addiction).
I started out with the extra large orange pekoe (with milk) back in the non-vegan days of undergraduate youth. I had never delved into the world of the coffee bean, but thought (oh so naively) that I would be safe with the pretty little tea bag. The innocent orange pekoe has morphed into a morning, mid morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon MUST HAVE kind of ritual that if not performed leaves me grumpy and with hands slightly trembling.

I still cling to the regular tim horton's cup of tea - but my tastes have been refined to indulging on the Green Tea. My orders drive the cashiers crazy...and most male horton accompaniments refuse to order for me....(except you Mr. McNeilly). Ready: "I will have an extra large green tea black, one bag in and one on the side, and can you please put some cold water in it to cool it down" They want to kill me. Fair enough.

In addition to my desire for the antioxidant rich Green Tea blends I have also enjoyed the fantastic stylings of more precious brews, such as:

Roobios: Thank you Connell - I reach for a cup of this ruby red delight and think of you.
Chai Tea: Oh,yes...this is good. Take one tea bag (I like the PC Chai) and steep it with some soya or rice milk that you have warmed...add some cinnamon and some cocoa...and then froth 'er up.
Mango: Ohhhh..I love you mango goddess
White: They are claiming more antis than the greeners...but the flavour is too subtle for me...I need more.
Chamomile and Sleepy Time: nice when the sleep demons have run off with my good nights. that is about all....
I plan on taking my feet out doors now and hitting play on my ipod...a good collection of the decemberists and the hip should get me through a chilly 7 km.

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