Thursday, November 16, 2006

Totally Funky Site - and THEY came

Fantastic Site! The Animal Friendly Life.

I was poking around looking for information on the Foie Gras ban, and I found this excellent site. I was impressed with the amount of research and top notch writing that went into these pages. The links and podcasts are also quite useful - I found a whack of stuff that didn't make it through a 'Google' Search.

Well, with the rainy weather here (sorry about that BC) and the temperature almost acting normal I am happy to announce that VeganEssentials came through on their delivery promise. On Tuesday afternoon, with much fan fare (and an EXTRA 20 dollar COD charge...not from VE, but from CANADA POST) my heart shaped cowgirl boots arrived.

I felt like Cinderella. Wait - where is my prince? Can I be my own prince? Well, that will have to suffice for the moment. Anyhow, they are, admittedly, a wee bit eccentric and SUPER nerdie. But, hey, if you need to find a reason for working for a pittance as a College Professor, it might as well be the certain amount of permission that is afforded to you in the realms of acting and dressing rather odd.

I can also happily report that I found a pair of flats...thank you Transit - you have come through yet again. And....okay, I also bought a pair of knee high black boots....yikes. No more shoe shopping until after Christmas.

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