Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I can't decide what to feel about the middle school teacher who was fired this past week. I have read a bunch of conflicting reports about the actual reason for his dismissal: he was disseminating graphic vegan literature (not cool), he was trying to make a change in the school cafeteria (cool), he was ardently moaning and complaining about milk in the cafeteria (not cool - some parents want their kids to drink milk...some kids have soy allergies and most cafeterias aren't about to bring in hemp milk). The teacher, known semi-anonymously as 'dave', has been vegan since January. Maybe he is still in the teenager stage of being a vegan? You feel radical and wild with the roots and shoots you are downing with every meal? Who knows. My gut tells me the guy is a bit of a loose canon, and his dismissal had little to do with his diet.

In happier news: I had some wickedly wicked chocolate last night.

This Belgian chocolatiers practices "the art of Blending". The technique is well worth the effort because the piece I had last night (following a companion meal of chickpea, tomato, and spinach - that I almost burned) was amazingly well done.

Dolfin is a company that has been in action for over 20 years and brings home the tofu, despite the over-saturated Belgian chocolate market, by offering up a diverse variety of blended flavours and dynamic tastes. I indulged in the Dark Poivre Blanc and Cardamome du Guatemala. Holy. So good (god).

In their array of kingly goodness they also offer the likes of: Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorns, Dark Chocolate with Petals of Flowers, Dark with Fresh Ginger and (get ready) Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea.

They are definitely gourmet and could be used as a delicate after-dinner treat that you could do some really cute things with for a dinner party crowd or...just unwrap it and stuff it in your face if you are all alone (or...scarf at said dinner party if you have no concerns about messy chocolate face and questions about your eating habits).

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