Saturday, September 08, 2007

I had a little visit yesterday afternoon from one of my life coaches. The meeting went quite well, she was there to check up on Little Miss Never Blog 'no more'. I admit, I have been absent from my page, and there is really no excuse. But wait....let me try one out for you...

(Life Coach Coming to 5DA for a Visit)

Do you have any idea how much reflection one needs to experience after two ten year old girls tell you that you have cool earrings? It takes a while to come back down to planet earth, blogging is the last thing on my mind.

To be honest, my composition energies have been taken up by other pools of diversion. Including: the above mentioned 10-year old fashion advice column I am now in charge of, hunting for newts, begging for paper clips (which is actually way more difficult to do than begging for one believes my dog is near death due to a lack of paper clips), checking out new music sites, such as Tusruradio, and trying to decide whose window I would sit in if I was one of these really good looking Belgian kitty cats. I think I have decided, but the flat has a couple of terraces and I might be inclined to jump, so I think I will just sit on the green sofa that has recently been uncovered during an archeology dig.

So all of, I found a flock of peacocks living in the cockles of my heart. One can hardly believe it.

But, since my last post (which was written loads before I posted it), I made it to the Belgian Beer Fest, which had organic beers and some really yummy fruit concoctions. Although it was hardly the place to go if you wanted to get away from ISB for awhile (who ever said teachers were big drinkers....) it was a really interesting gig. The centre of the Grand Place looked as though it had been invaded by a dozen wedding planners who were wrestling over the best spot to host a wedding...tents everywhere, drunk Brits everywhere and really good energy. No glass smashing, no fighting, just some good natured beer swilling and song singing.

A small group of us took off quite early to embark on a dinner in the Sablon (or close to it). It was quite good actually - I had a really expensive Thai salad, which , despite the price and maybe only because of the combination of wine and beer, I quite enjoyed.

On Sunday we made our way to one of the English bookshops and bought some great books - did the whole, "I will buy you this one, and you buy me that one" thing. I scored for sure. I am in the midst of reading The Book Thief, which, by the way, is totally amazing. Wonderfully written, sorry, wonderfully crafted.

I got the chance to whip up my raw avocado chocolate pie again - and man! it was even better this time. And, unlike the last experience, I managed not to make my gallbladder unhappy with a gorging of mass proportions. I was prevented from eating the whole thing myself on the basis that it was a birthday cake, which was enjoyed by the ISB physics department and a couple of lucky members in the ES. I was in contention for the Emily Post award the night of the pie incarnation, as I managed to throw together a kicking curry as well - which, I am still harboring covetous thoughts about. Is it a sin to covet your OWN curry? Who cares. I want to share pictures, but you will have to wait until I wrestle the camera from Kevin, who can be found below giving a snippet of his dissertation on Trappist Beer.

Happy Days!


Tsuru said...

Hi VeganCowgirl! Wanted to say thank you for the love... I really enjoyed reading your site and I'm so flattered you made my little art & audiophile site your link of the week!


Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is also so wise!

professorblueberry said...

What else would you expect?