Friday, October 05, 2007

Dates and Dates......

I have a problem. I need some birth control for my Moleskin.
I have commitments giving birth to other commitments. I suppose I will resist the urge to say 'no' just a little bit longer. I have time to make up for. I have Hobbit-like behaviour to account for.

But with all my little dates I get to share the vegan love: "Why, yes I will bring some veggie dishes!"

This morning I awoke from a blurry night of sore tummy and ringing telephones (I really need to get a phone for the second floor - those steps are NOT meant for nighttime trips) to the prospect of whipping up something yummy for my planning co-mates. And...the winner is: Date and Banana smoothie. Who would have thought this would pass an acceptable 'bring in a treat for the gang' contribution? I suppose we will find out this morning if it is crossing the boundaries of acceptable Round Table Fare.

Do this:
5 bananas (coined)
2 cups of soy milk
12 dates
2 tsp of hemp protein powder
2 tsp of cocoa (happily traded please...chocolate is a dicey treat)
your Canadian food processor that you shipped because your mommy gave it to you.

Throw together all of the ingredients (add some vanilla if you didn't leave it in Kevin's cupboard) and package it up (really unattractively) in your 1000ml Nalgen bottle and bring it to the masses of maniac planning machines that await you at 9am.

paris is tomorrow. let's see what the french can do for me? or, shouldn't I be asking: what can I do for the french?

Check out the Bonnie Prince Billy video I added to the side bar. This guy not only makes music that is so amazing that my students actually ASK me to put it on, but he make some kicking videos.

Oh, and I am going to the BSS show in Leuven this coming Thursday. Should be good - AND I get to test drive the new wheels.

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