Friday, October 12, 2007

I wasn't expecting my Thursday night to start with a trip to the vet, but what a start it was!

Sam (nee Kindree) isn't feeling so great, and my heart was breaking for D who is struggling with one of the nuances of rodent love. How fast and swift they fly through our lives. But! Sam is still with us, and I am happy to say that I saw him on that wheel and ready to face the next week or so with a smile (and a pair of reading glasses - Danielle reports that Sam is an avid fan of the Globe and Mail and the Hamilton Spectator).

After getting the chance to hang out with Sam and Danielle, we stopped at the Dalhaize. I am not a big fan of the grocery shops in Brussels. Yes they have tofu, and yes they even have Seitan (something lacking in the Fortinos of the world), but their veg is shite and their layout is far from Dominion's master plans...they could learn a thing or two from the lords of Loblaws. But, then again, when you have markets and more markets to select from why bother to have great grocery stores? We decided to duck in for a quick pick up before heading out to Leuven, where we were scheduled to see Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew (is that even the name??....damn those artsie craftie people! Everything is DYI this and funny name that).

We had a little vegganie "Feast" to quote the non-vegan at the table last night. Apparently my guacomole though loaded with garlic was worthy of a full-bowl-scarf (so K can just stick his criticism about it not being tasty when not emulsufied).

Leaving Brussels you are instantly reminded that the capital of this tri-lingual country is situated NOT in Wallonia but in the fine bio-friendly world of Flanders. Maybe it was the gig, maybe it was my desire to see something that might not have even been there - but the Flemmish might as well be living in Little Italy because it was all thick rimmed glasses, stripped sweaters, bikes, mac computers (so they weren't using them, but I know they all had them), funky hair cuts and converse. I wanted to rent a hotel room and settle in for the next week or so.

The show was...interesting. The venue was great. I plan on catching as much as possible at Hep Depot (which is located in the most friendly of spots - perfect for car, train or bus). The hall itself is an old theatre that isn't tops for acustics, but the atmosphere for seeing this type of gig was spot on! The old velour seats and the open floor created a dirty-basement-jamming/sitting-in-on-a-college-protest kind of feeling to the whole event. The night was opened with a funny little man: Gentleman Reg - campy, really in love with himself (see his website for further proof of this) and lacking in any musical support. He tried in a sad sort of way to warm the crowd up. It didn't work so much and the applause was a little scant, and the laughter was louder than maybe it should have been.

Kevin Drew brought the band out by having the crowd perform a small sing along with the following lyrics: "I love bananas. Something, Something, I love bananas because they have no bone". Original. Totally original. A little awkward, but original. He was joined by most-of-the-rest of Broken Social Scene. They seemed pretty pumped, and played some really great music. I was entranced for most of the show by a young woman who was having some kind of seizure off to the side of my sight, but it was all good - she was loving the moment, and I was digging her confidence.

They played a load of newish stuff, but gave me what I wanted with Cause=Effect, which was done in a superb allband, allabouttheheavychords kind of way. Excellent stuff.

I admit to being a bit on the grannie-side of life and left at 11 - even though the guys were still going strong.

I swear I am seeing more Canadian music now that I am here then I did all of last year. I just scooped up some tickets for Great Lake Swimmers, who are playing in Brughes next month...and and and and....we have our trip to Vienna coming up the first weekend in November... whoop whoop.

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