Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Does the world need another outdoor clothing company?

That's a question asked by the ninjas that run NAU - a rather newish outdoor clothing company, who is obviously using the funds from their expensive gear to fund a really great website.

They are much sleeker and sexier than the good old MEC, and they have managed to appeal to more than just the snow boarders, mountain climbers and extreme weather lovers that they exhibit on their website - they have a well rounded product line, including yoga pants, base layers, gloves, great jackets and super stylish sweaters. I am impressed.

Interestingly enough, they say almost the same things as LuLuLemon (you know the mantra..."we are different because we don't want to pollute the environment despite the obvious reality that we are a company that is putting more stuff out there to be consumed....blah blah") but I actually find myself believing these folks at NAU. Perhaps it is the way that, in an antithetical to LuLu marketing technique, one has to actually hunt for the NAU logo.

I would shell out the big bucks for a little bit of NAU - not that you need much outdoor gear in Brussels .... except for some killer rain boots and full water gear.

Hmmmm....with Toronto Airport as my next destination (scheduled to land in t-minus 9 days) I am trying to decide what vegan eatery to hit when I pick up the rental car that will (hopefully) be waiting for me. Do I pick something ahead of time? Do I let clandestine dining take its course? I have secret dreams stored away of walking through the arrival gates to find the entire staff of Fresh waiting for me, arms full of fresh squeezed juices and my favourite salad. Do I drive from the airport into Toronto for a meal after a full day/night traveling? Or do I do the sensible thing and book it to the Hammer? To La Luna? Oh, choices. Choices. Decisions. I have a feeling that after the in flight vegan options I will be happy with just about anything.....

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