Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I needed to make a pit stop at the Ixelles police station last night after work, and rather than racing home (my thick Canadian skin is proving useful in this -2 degree weather that finds other folks scurrying home as fast as can be), I decided to stroll around the neighbourhood and FINALLY pop into La Tsampa. I was under the silly impression that this was only a veg restaurant - when really, the truth being now revealed (and the massive iron doors upon creaking open, did very much make it feel that I was 'revealling' something), La Tsampa is a great little magasin AND a restaurant. Whopppee.

They had a great selection of bio/organic foodstuff. They even had - get ready - Vegan Ravioli. I almost started crying right there in the middle of the mega-packed shop. The tears were provoked by memories of sharing a tin of Chef Boyardee with my nana at almost every lunch time...eaten whilst watching Days of Our Lives. It appears that for a mere 4.35 euros I can enjoy the memory once again (I think I might skip on the Days of Our Lives though).

They were also well stocked with yummy looking pastas (loads were wheat free), dried fruit, nuts, egg replacer, vegan makeup, vegan body spray, Bach Herbal remedies, and a hearty selection of fresh produce. Way to go La Tsampa - you made my day!!! Upon doing some research today it appears that they do a pretty good menu in the restaurant as well - I think Thursday night might have to include a little visit. They also have veg cooking classes and the shop seemed to be a spot for posting veg related information and products.

Totally impressed. Looking forward to enjoying my vegan energy bars, which I picked up last night, during my Friday plane ride.

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