Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Argh. Today is a day of exhaustion - both body and mind are in need of some major revitalization. Three late evenings: nerves, work thoughts and friends have been the culprits of these post 9:30 bed times. And, silly me, has managed to keep a morning commitment to the gym with a body that needs more deep sleep snuggles then it needs another couple of minutes on the elliptical.

Sunday and Monday night were anomalies in my sleeping pattern. It wasn't that I didn't manage to get tucked in at a reasonable hour. I was de-socked and in my really ugly pyjamas at a reasonable hour. It was due more to worries and nerves (meetings, interviews, increases in work responsibility, stressed out kids and other concerns propped up my heavy eyes). Last night was a late night with purpose. K and I joined Andrea, James and Sarah (intrepid traveller on her way to Bangkok! Go Sarah Go!) for a fantastic Ethiopian feast.

After a drink and a nip home to tidy myself up, we headed out to Kokoba, where we have eaten before, and thought would be wide open and free for five people on a Tuesday night. It must be the Manikin Pise, because, this place was packed. No chance.

Hungry and disappointed we got back in the car and patched together a plan that included a hasty call to another restaurant of similar ethic leanings to double check on the vegan options - no problem! We met up at Salaam, which is located across the street from Dolma restaurant and bio shop on Ixelles (just a little north of the ever-severed Flagey). The atmosphere was modest and a little on the nineteen eighties side of family-restaurant dinning experiences, especially when compared to the original destination of Kokoba - which is swanky and uber-designer-conscious. But, I think, that is part of the charm and appeal of this new favourite. The down to earth and laid back feeling of the decor was reinforced by a charming proprietor who offered great service by pretty much leaving us alone for the night to enjoy the food and the great conversation.

I ordered the vegetarian platter and I was really pleased with the array of choice - lentils, amazing spinach, a small salad, curried veg, beans, and of course - the ethiopian bread. Ahhhhh it was fantastic. Everyone else, meat eaters included, seemed to enjoy their meal, and everyone was pleased with the hummous and m'table that started our experience.

Writing this piece, and some conversation with my kids this morning, reminded me of a post about a great little vegan Ethiopian place in Toronto that I blogged about in the sweaty days of summer. If you are a hungry vegan in Toronto - check out Yummy's on Queen (in Parkdale), but maybe read this post first.

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