Saturday, February 09, 2008

I know I said I would be out of contact, but, what can I say....ferry crossing is just about as sleek a travel experience as you can get. The wifi has me hooked up and sending packets of gigs as we speak.

Behind me, K is committing the ultimate non-vegan atrocity - the greasy British breakfast line. I think I would rather spend my morning with the rough looking lady serving him (whose green teeth are in interesting juxtaposition to the pristine white "I just had my first cotillion" hat the ferry company forces her to wear), then eat the sausage and eggs available for a whopping 2 euro.

With my tea beside me, my body is slowly starting to wake up from a late (great) night and an uber early morning (4 10 am - thank god Kevin had a bad dream or we would still be sleeping).

Last night K and I headed out to join Andrea, her broken (mystery) foot and James for a lighting fast Fanny Thai (YES, I have an addiction) before our long awaited Stars show. They were astoundingly wonderful (and yes mom - your shirt is in the mail). Their newest cd:In Our Bedroom After the War is really well done. A bit of a depart from their previous L.P., a bit more lyrically smart if you ask me. Set Yourself on Fire and the compilation of Arts and Crafts folks doing covers of their stuff (Do You Trust Your Friends) were both great stuff, but this was more art than craft.

Apostle of Hustle opened up for them, and who would have thought that a song about Easy E would be as good as Easy E himself?

Can I just make a comment about the music scene in Brussels? I am short.

The Arts and Crafts label has just about all the best bands on the planet. Just about.
We had a wonderful night.

The ferry is making its turn, pointing it nose away from France. I come.

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