Tuesday, February 19, 2008

treats and treasures

On our last trip to Manchester K took me to an arts and crafts centre. Similar to some co-op artist projects that are happening in Toronto and Guelph. The oldish building encapsulates about 20 different artists of various genres (jewelery, fabric printing, fine art, screen prints, sculpture, button funk) and is (wo)manned by the creators themselves.

On our last visit baggage allowances inhibited any major spending of art, but our workhorse of a Ford Fiesta changed all of that this past week. Given the choice of a couple of artists we quite liked on our last trip we settled on a piece from Lily Greenwood, whose work was also spotted later that day at the Eighth Day cafe , where we had stopped in for a quick vegan hot chocolate.

There were a couple of Emily Carr-ish paintings that would have worked well in the front room, but in the end we decided on this butterfly painting, which will cover a large portion of the open space in the bedroom.

If you dig natural, appliqué, oil, canvass type delights then give Lily a shout. Or, check out the Manchester Arts and Design Centre: 17 Oak Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 5JDShe also designs snazzy websites.

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