Monday, March 31, 2008

Lychee and Morning Juice Jelly

This morning I juiced up a storm for K, but opted to stick with my banana, soyoghurt and walnuts - sans juice. I wasn't being a martyr, there was loads of the grapefruit, orange, apple and strawberry juice - I just had other designs for the nectar.

I used a can of lychees that I picked up on the weekend in this morning's agar agar molding party. After warming on the stove, I poured the agar-infused juice into a clear glass square mold. Before sticking it in the fridge I also added the washed lychee fruit (about 10 pieces of the fruit). The visual was pretty stunning this afternoon when I popped it out of the fridge. I am imagining hot summer afternoons will be perfect for this desert.

But, the fun didn't stop with the lychee fruit. I had also bought a bunny mold over the weekend. I can't put into words how cute this little bit of jelly is (It is actually quite a bit bigger than it appears). You will just have to look at the photo.

I wanted to share some good times with the vegan world, and complete KamutFlakeGirl's recent tag.

I am not a horn tooter, but, I feel that as this celebration is connected to my other blog friendlies, it is worth a mention.

While running against some of the coolest and yummiest vegan cooks out there, my humble Squash Pockets won Anke's Squash Contest. Thanks for running the contest Anke! I love the idea of having an external challenge (one that runs deeper than the deploring tiny kitchen I am currently contending with). It was great fun and I am now looking for other ways to participate in foodie contests. I was thinking more about what VeganDad mentioned in one of his posts last week, about other ways to share a vegan message/recipe/vibe with the 'rest' of the world. I am thinking that by joining contests, getting our recipes out there, sharing our photographs, and by celebrating our writing, we can actually have a large ripple effect (that effect might vary from vegan-blogger, to vegan-blogger). One recipe challenge that I found to be intriguing is a monthly contest at Daring Bakers.

Okay, KamutFlakeGirl, only because I believe in fair play, internet memes, and following directions (except when it comes to recipes), am I completing this tag. Argh.

1. I used to teach English Literature (et al) at Sheridan College, now I teach Grade Five at the International School of Brussels.

2. My very first 'boy' crush was on Dr. Baker from the North American T.V. show Little House on the Prairie. If you google this character you may loose all respect for me. I think I have worked me way up over the years, next was Rod Stewart......I was five.

3. In addition to winning the Butternut Squash Contest, I also won a Hola Hoop contest in my final year of undergrad. I make my parents proud.

4. One of the most amazing memories in my life was spending an evening with Irving Layton.

5. I love all vegetables. BUT I abhor pickled onions. Yuck. Yick. Yuck.

I am tagging: Jill at New Vegan Mom, Meg and Kelly at The Sisters Vegan, Steph from PoopieBitch Mr Tofu at Hezbollah Tofu, and Maggie at Desert Vegan

The rules are: 5 things about yourself. As KamutGirl suggests - this 'socialization' can be seen as a chance to break down the thick internet wall we can find ourselves behind. Let's make friends.


Alice (in Veganland) said...

Unbelievable! the wonders of agar agar.
I love the idea, it looks great for summer nights. Maybe even with booze in it! For summer parties!

Jennifer said...

That bunny jelly is too cute.

You completely deserved to win Anke's contest. Your recipes were so creative! They looked and sounded fantastic, not sure anything could hold a candle to that. You are pretty damn creative!

Oooooh, vegan tag, I love these!

Hahahahahaha about Little House on the Prarie. I used to read the books like crazy when I was young, but was so embarrassed about it!

pleasantly plump vegan said...

agar agar is amazing stuff!
Little House on the Prairie was so my favorite after school re-run show for a while. i can see why you had a crush on Dr. Baker.

Anonymous said...

I have GOT to pick up some agar agar.

I'm so excited to be tagged! I will try to think up at least one interesting things to put with the other four :)

VeganCowGirl said...

Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate your comment about the contest, but I think we are all amazing and wonderful. Whop Whop to us. Cheesecake, burritos and cupcakes galore!!

I am so glad to have the support of so many cool women in the area of Dr. Baker.

Steph: Let me know how your adventures with agar go.