Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tag, I am IT! And so is Vegan Sausage.....

Wow. People are talking about the vegan blog world. I couldn't figure out why folks kept linking to me via slashfood, and upon a little bit of investigation (otherwise known as distraction-at-work procrastination) I discovered that people have noticed the little bonding party we have had over our vegan sausage discovery.

Tonight's dinner started out with a bit of a disappointment - a funky cabbage. And, no one, no matter how hungry you are, wants to eat a funky cabbage. Ever since last night, (when cooking was just totally out of the question after spending an hour in the car looking for my PhD supervisor's illusive address), I have been dreaming about a red cabbage, shredded apple, edamame and pumpkin seed salad. I was ready, having stopped at the shop and armed myself with some additional supplies, to tackle this culinary dream. I ducked my head into the cupboard to pull out the hard, crunchy and purple cabbage, and all I got was a stinky, green-dotted, slightly toxic vegetable. I swear it has been there for about 1 week - Skanky water is to blame I think.

I didn't give up. I perservered. Committed to having a raw night (with K out of the house I always take the chance to have a nice big salad - not that he isn't down with the greens, he just needs something hot and 'bigger' at the end of the day), I scavenged through the fridge like a racooon with a mission. I found some treats I picked up at the market last night, and started chopping. What I ended up with was a beautiful salad. I topped it off with some Balsamic and soy sauce and wolfed it down while listening to Bishop Allen.

Red and Green Salad

-1/2 an English cucumber
-1 red pepper
-1 carrot: sliced
-5 big fat market strawberries
-2 stalks of celery
-1 cup of edamame (stemmed or boiled)

5 Things...About Me..I feel silly writing this...but, I adore Pleasantly Plump Vegan, and she tagged

1. I can not, under any circumstances, wear socks to bed.
2. I am a Canadian who has moved to Brussels, Belgium. I didn't come for the beer or chocolate, but I am exceptionally happy.
3. I am a pretty big geek. Reading, knitting, geek music, flat mary jane shoes, and strippey sweaters are the name of the game. I think being smart is sexy, so I read the dictionary as often as possible.
4. The reason why I went from vegetarian to vegan in 2002 was because: I kept having a reoccurring nightmare of my cat (bigger) being hooked up to a milking machine.
5. Ok, something a little more personal. I got engaged on Saturday. K asked me to marry him, and I said 'yes'. A vegan wedding is on the agenda for next Easter holiday. Wow. It all looks so real when you type it. Yikes.

I have tagged: Urban Vegan, Vegan Vancouverite, Jenn from Vegan In Vancouver, Abram from Vegan Miscellanies, and Mihl from Seitan is my Motor


Jennifer said...

Nice save! That salad sounds fantastic!

missblueberry said...

IT really was! It was the yummy!

Billy said...

Thanks for the comment on my post about killing stray cats. I really liked (and agreed) with your points. I responded over there.

Also, congrats on getting engaged! My vegan wedding is happening in May. You can read a little about it here:

Veggie said...

congratulations on your engagement! And thanks for visiting my blog.

pleasantly plump vegan said...

i HATE wearing socks to bed too. no matter how cold my feet are, i hate having them trapped!!! i too think smart is sexy. i am currently reading a anantomy and physiology book and am soaking it up!
CONGRATS on the engagement. marriage is a wonderful thing. i can't wait to hear about yr vegan wedding planning.

missblueberry said...

Thanks for the congrats! Billy, I will keep an eye on your blog for sure!!!

Anardana said...

Congratulations on the engagement!