Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amsterdam did a great job of nourishing my nerdy professional self over the last four days. And I am happy to report, that although we didn't make it to any vegan/veg specific restaurants during the conference, I did manage to eat some great food. .

As with most conferences we were stuck on site for lunch, snacks and coffee breaks. But, a little forewarning to the organizers was all it took to get some amazingly delicious veganfare included in the caterers' offerings. A Small World Catering operates out of a small cafe in order to provide satisfying, healthy and fresh foodstuffs to its customers. They made me some great hummus sandwiches, a great bean salad, beet and apple salad and some killer couscous. I was really well fed, and totally appreciative of the effort made by the conference organizer.

When free to wander about on our own, we found the chain wagamami, and an acceptable thai restaurant.

I have to say that the most interesting food moment of the trip was arriving in Amsterdam train station, totally starved, and running late for the conference and deciding to opt for eating a salad out of a bag, which, became a veritable feast with my decision to throw in a bunch of tofu chunks that were remarkably for sale at this station-grocery-stop.

I have a couple of days of Belgian sunshine to enjoy before heading to Atlanta. I am really looking forward to a visit to Cosmos' Vegan Shoppe and checking out some of the recommended veg restaurants. Atlanta - here I come!


Jennifer said...

That's awesome that they had vegan food for you!

Have fun in Atlanta!

Romina said...

That's fantastic!! Vegan catering is so hard to find.

Good luck on your trip. =)

Leigh said...

We can't wait to see you here in ATL! And do make sure you have time to eat dinner at Soul Vegetarian at least once while you're here, too. :)

pleasantly plump vegan said...

man, i'm bummed i'll be outta town when yr in atlanta!!! hope you have decent weather while yr here.

VeganCowGirl said...

Thanks for all the good luck. I am really looking forward to Atlanta...Europe is amazing and wonderful, but I am looking forward to dipping my toes in North American culture for a couple of days. Things like vegan restaurants, vegan ice cream and pedicures are much easier to come by.... :)

Leigh - I can NOT wait to have a little shopping spree. I really hope to get to Soul.

Bianca said...

Glad you're back! My boyfriend is Dutch and he has family near Amsterdam but I've never been. I really, really want to go though! Have a safe journey to Atlanta..