Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have been wanting to write for a while about all of the containers in my life. Specifically, the containers in my food-life. I could go on for ages about the bags, satchels, computer cozies, pencil cases, knitting boxes, book huggers and other such (most often unnecessary) 'containers' that help me organize/carry/sort/love my junk, but I wanted to be a little more food-centric.

It was a special present I received from K's mom this past week that has finally encouraged me to stop dreaming about this post before I fall asleep at night, and actually write the darn thing. I have been pinning lustfully after a tea-decanter ever since my sweaty days in Chinese beauty salons when green tea would be poured out and offered to me after a luxurious 3 hour hair wash/massage (yes, I did begin to feel guilty about enjoying this service). My new pinkish-purple tea-snuggler is complete with an aluminum interior, cork top and screw-off tin cup (slash) cover. I couldn't be happier with this treat - looking forward to using it on a long road trip down to the Ardenne or as a side-companion if I ever get around to sitting down for more than a couple of hours and pounding out the writing projects/commitments that are (WAY) over due.

The next little container in my life is my lunch box. This kitten-topped, multi-compartment navy blue goodie was found in Lille (that great city in Northern France) down a cobbled side-street that had a couple of funky shops (some girlie ones for me, and some beer ones for K). I adore that I can stack up soup, tofu nuggets, olives or a bit of rice - all in one uber-cute container. I have seen Korean and Japanese kiddies with variations of these. It also reminded me of the great lunch boxes used on Vegan Lunch Box.

I am not sure if this next one counts as a container: my eco-bags. I bought my first one at The Mercantile on College Street, much to K-before-K's horror (not another bag). This super sexy red stretchy cotton bag is fantastic for market day. It goes from the tiniest, tightest corner of my purse to the biggest and most managable sac de marche that you could imagine. I actually managed to scoop up another one of these non-bleached/treated bags at Tsampa - for only 2 euros!!! Whoop.

I also adore my ceramic Tupperware chalkie buddies - I have posted about them before, so I will offer you only the link rather than a poem on my adoration of these little washing-up-friendly white pots.

Dinner tonight comes after a GREAT run. I started training yesterday for a marathon that I won't run until my next trip home to Canada - but, the earlier the better. The mixed up grilled veg and tomato-aubergine-chickpea sauce was a great combo. I think it was the spice that stitched it together into something that satisfied my belly.

Roasted Root Vegetables with Aubergine and Chickpea Tomato Sauce

-1 butternut squash
-5 carrots
-1 yellow onion

-2 baby aubergines
-2 cups of tomato sauce
-1 cup of chickpeas

The butternut squash (peeled) and carrots joined the onion under the broiler for about 40 minutes worth of warmth. The remaining ingredients were thrown together in a medium sized pan and set to simmer. When both parts were perfect I added the veg to the bottom of a bowl and covered it with the yummy red sauce.

I also have to share the tunes I have been chopping and cutting to lately - mostly for the sake of Randeep, who is the coolest recent graduate of Sheridan's Animation program.

By far the best music pickings of late are: Sun Kil Moon's new disc, and Vetiver is impressive (when I can remember who they are). I admit to be over spinning the rocking Broken String C.D. by Bishop Allen. And who doesn't enjoy a little Frente for the last few metres of a 7 km run?


romina said...

Your lunchbox is SO cute!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

I'm in love with your lunch box! Do you know how difficult it is to find such boxes in Europe? I tell you: VERY difficult :-) And yours is extra cute!
Thanks for pointing me to the vegan restaurants guide. I might try to look for an Ethiopian restaurant after seeing your review!

VeganCowGirl said...

Thanks Romina. I thought it was pretty cute as well.

Hi Alice, too bad that you can't find a lunch box. Like I said - I did get mine in France - so you might have some luck.

Bianca said...

I want your lunchbox! I take my lunch to work a couple days a week and I put everything in individual Tupperware bowls and stuff them into a reusable lunch bag...it's bulky and not cute. I want cute lunch!

aTxVegn said...

I LOVE that lunchbox!