Sunday, May 04, 2008

Long Weekends are a well-known component of Canadian summertime culture. We crack the season off with May 24, complete with bbqs, camping and endless patios busting out across even the smallest hick town. And it is with sweet sorrow, during Labour Day Weekend, that we kiss the warmth goodbye, taking off our white pants, ready for another season of bulky sweaters and woolly socks.

My first long weekend here in Belgium has come and gone. I am sitting in my living room, the terrace doors open on both sides of my living room, and the sun is setting against a bright blue sky.

Thursday was almost non-existent. We did next to nothing. A walk to my favourite bakery, which served up a sensational quinoa and roasted veg salad, was about the grandest movement made on this my first of four work-free days. Friday saw Andrea and I tackle a army-training style aerobics class. I needed a wheel chair to get my body out of the fitness centre. We found rest for our aches with a second visit (of four) to the above mentioned bakery (again...the quiona salad). Saturday was a whole lot of walking, a great run, and a fantastic day with my favourite physics geek. We picked up some great C.D.s and made some sushi. The sushi was ok, but I admit to being so excited about the Red Cabbage, Apple and Edamame Salad that I barely pecked at the maki. Today was a market, blanket and picnic kind of day. We capped the holiday off with a Red Ratatouille - yum scrum.

All four days have been beautiful, warm and sparkling. Give the salad a try if you get a chance, and who doesn't want a bowl of ratatouille.

Red Cabbage, Apple and Edamame Salad
-1/2 a red cabbage: slivered
-1/2 cup of cooked edamame
-2 apples: diced
-1 red grapefruit
-apple cider vinegar
-sesame oil

How To: The cabbage, apple and edamame can be tossed together. I cut the grapefruit in half and cut 1/2 into sections, and squeezed the remaining half for some yummy juice. Add your oil and vinegar and give her a good mix. The best part was sticking the salad in the new green and blue glasses we picked up at my very favourite shop. It keeps really well.

Grilled Veg Picnic Packets Ingredients:
- red pepper
- sweet potato
- rosemary
- anise
- yellow onion
-4 slices of brown bread
- olive oil

How To: K wanted some sandwiches to take with us on our park-blanket-reading extravaganza. I was happy with my rice cakes and asparagus spread, but I had a whack of left over grilled veg and a fresh loaf of brown bread - so, K got his wish. The end result must have been pretty amazing, because he was 'ohhhhing' and 'ahhhhíng' throughout the entire meal. I spread the bread slices with some olive oil before dolling out the veg, and then giving the bread a good squish down.


Chef Erik said...

All the food looks great. I'm always looking for some new ideas, thanks.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely sounding weekend! Nothing beats a few days of relaxation every now and again. Sometimes the best weekends are those where the least is accomplished.

The food looks so good! Yum!

jj said...

All of those goodies look terrific! Hope you enjoyed all your R&R time.

pleasantly plump vegan said...

glad you got a little down time

Liz² said...

oh my goodness, that roasted sandwich sounds *amazing*. Yay picnics and sun!