Friday, May 09, 2008

The weather in Brussels has been spectacular. The sky has been without cloud for over a week, and the sun has all but chased the damp from my bones. I can only hope that the trend will continue as I prepare for a four day trip to Trier. If it was just myself and my physics geek, a rainy week in Germany wouldn't seem so daunting. But, the thought of trying to motivate 22 kids throughout rain soaked streets.......the idea is less than appetizing. Fingers crossed.

Good weather makes for good food. A big change in local produce this past week. The market is busting with peppers, rhurbarb, asparagus and carrots. But it is the growth on my terrace balcony that has me so excited. We planted some strawberries one rain-drenched March afternoon, and it appears that, ta-dah, we have a couple of flowers starting to pop.

And it is with a strawberry-heavy fruit salad that we go treking to a birthday picnic tonight. It is a joint creation, that we both agreed, thanks to the slippery mango, is the sexiest fruit salad we have ever seen. We are thinking that it might not fill us up before our concert trip tonight (I'm From Barcelona, Of Montreal, Blood Red Shoes, Two Gallants....) so we are also going to hit Dolma, a great Veg restauarant in the heart of hippy-Brussels that we haven't been to in ages.

I need some help!!! With prayers to the sun goddess, the weather will hold out for a bbq lunch we are going to in Waterloo on Sunday afternoon - suggestions for what I might want to bring would be mega appreciated. Send me recipes, links, ideas and I would be happy to give them a whirl and share the results.

Minty Fruit Salad
-2 ripe mangoes - cubed
-2 quarts of strawberries - washed and cut
-1 melon - cubed
- juice of one lime
- mint - cut into ribbons

How To: How ever you like!


Alice (in Veganland) said...

OH, I'm sure you will have good weather. We've had an amazing week in Germany too and it's supposed to stay like this at least for the weekend, but I guess next week will be gorgeous too! Well, May is always the best month in Germany!

Congratulations on your future strawberries!

And no advice because I'm a bad griller. I hate grills.

Mihl said...

I was going to say that to! I am sitting at my desk and can hardly concentrate because it's so warm and sunny outside!
I just posted a recipe for pasta in spicy lentil sauce on my blog. My version serves only one but you could use the recipe as a base for a larger amount. This can be eaten cold as well. Or what about some couscous salad? For grilling I would suggest some marinated tofu, marinated with olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, and herbs and wrapped in aluminium foil.

Jennifer said...

Of Montreal! How fun!

And I love your strawberry plant. I hope you get lots of gooddies off of it!

I too am really happy at the growing abundance at the farmer's market. Heat aside, I LOVE summer.

Rural Vegan said...

I'm crossing my fingers that you continue to have good weather. I'm always super excited when I see my strawberry plants pop up too, it means fresh produce is right around the corner!

Bianca said...

That strawberry salad looks uber-refreshing! I think I'm going to pick strawberries this weekend. Yea!

KatyK said...

That minty fruit salad looks delish. I love this blog.:)

VeganCowGirl said...

Mihl - I will check out the your recipe - thanks for the idea.

Jennifer - Of Montreal was good - wacky and different, but really good. A really 'summery' sort of sound. But Two Gallants were amazing!!!!!!! Fantastic band.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your strawberry plants - I hope you get lots of yummy fruits from it!

I'm afraid I don't have suggestions for the bbq, but since I've never seen anything on your blog that didn't look delicious, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome!

pleasantly plump vegan said...

beautiful fruit salad

aTxVegn said...

I do hope you enjoy wonderful weather in Germany.

Your market must look so colorful with all the fresh produce. Your fruit salad looks terrific.

Veggie said...

I love your minty fruit salad. I love mint with watermelon pieces or in a dressing over a strawberry-spinach salad.