Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Update

So K managed to make us a brilliant dinner last night. I have honestly never been so impressed with his culinary skills. The two dishes were both divine - simple, satisfying and the flavours were spot on. K has a couple of things going for him in the kitchen: 1. He has quite a remarkable sense for flavours, and 2. He is patient. Unlike this vegancowgirl he really takes his time with everything in the kitchen (which is why HE is stirring the palenta right now and I am writing this post).

The beans were to die for. The taste was deep and rich, and yet the beans didn't hide the light flavours of the herbs or tomato sauce. He used a mixture of berlotti beans and chickpeas. It was magnificent. I couldn't recommend it more.

The tomato salad was a mix of tomato and parsley with a liberal sprinkle of dried Rosemary. We are currently undertaking the task of making a mushroom stew for some polenta we picked up in town last night.

We spent today hanging out in Ascoli Piceno, the ancient city in the southern most tip of the region we are currently inhabiting. A nice little spot steeped with history and some beautiful art. Lunch was a bit of a disaster...ordered stewed spinach and got a mouthful of bacon. But, after a bit of a cry in the art gallery for the piggie I accidentally swallowed, I did what I did in my trips through China: accepted it as a part of the culture and got over myself.

We had a great drive home, finding a number of organic vineyards in the region. Lots to drink and enjoy tonight!

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Bianca said...

So are those pink and white beans berlotti beans? I bought some of those at the farmer's market last week and didn't know what they were. I just bought them because they were pretty! I shelled them and threw them in the freezer b/c I haven't had time to cook them yet. Maybe I'll try K's dish!