Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

My little bit of Canada arrived last night - well, it was picked up at the TaxiPost depot last night, it actually arrived quite a bit ago, but the Belgian postal service isn't as efficient as one might hope.....My mom sent me some goodies from home, including a couple of pairs of pants that I had left behind at Christmas, a new pair of converse (!!!!!), some organic cocoa and vanilla they picked up while vacationing in the tropics, groovey 'I love Canada' stickers/buttons, a magazine, and....a very prettily wrapped birthday present that Kevin is expected to hide from me until the Belgian National Holiday - otherwise known as my birthday.

I used the cocoa to indulge in a pityparty recipe last night. I had a physio appointment yesterday, which I biked over to (gouging out a good chunk of my leg in the process), where I found out that I have some serious stuff going on with my feet, knees and hips. I actually have a stress fracture in my left foot, which the doctor suggested has been there for two years.....I was pretty depressed with his diagnosis, prognosis and the suggested treatments (bone breaking, resetting, casting, no more running EVER) and decided to be a sulky little brat. Here is what I ate:

1 cup of almond milk
1 banana
5 dates
1 teaspoon of cocoa
2 vegan ginger snap cookies crushed up

It was amazing....cookies and cream vegan style....and cured me of the most evident status of despair.

Moving backwards, I had a great little bread and olive treat for lunch that I filled up with loads of fresh lettuce and funky (not in the stinky sense) green tomatoes from the all knowledgeable bio fellow from the Ixelles Sunday market.

Dinner was actually much of the same: hummus, salad, olives, rice cakes, tofu steaks.

Sorry for the bellyaching about my doctor's appointment - just a bit nervous about it.

K had a brain wave in Tsampa last night - vegan pancakes and Canadian Maple Syrup for dinner tonight! Hell yes. He got a huge belly laugh out of his discovering a huge vat of maple syrup in the fridge of a Canadian friend on Sunday when we were around checking out their new slick apartment. It is true, maple syrup is actually what all Canadian babies are bottle fed on
for the first 10 years of life, and of course, we all pay homage to the Maple Tree goddess with every cycle of the moon. And...we bleed Tim Horton's Double Doubles (made we vegan cream of course).

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a post on my Canada Day Vegan Pancakes....they are on their way.....Oh, Jens Lekman signs a great song about vegan pancakes.


Bianca said...

How awesome of your mom to send you all that cool stuff! And sorry to hear about your leg problems. Sounds like you're cookies and cream smoothie helped a little...just keep having those and maybe the problem will go away. :-)

VeganCowGirl said...

If I combine the cookies and cream with my no-running order...I might have more than foot problems. :) I agree....food is a great way to heal.

Thanks for the concern.