Friday, November 28, 2008

Yummy Yummy in My Expanding Tummy

We took the kittens back to the vets last night to have their little stitches taken out (well, Eliot had her stitches taken out by the vet, Sylvia, in her infinite craziness, decided to take her's out on her own). They were rewarded with their favourite treats and some wacky cat nip. After the vet and some wretched Brussels' traffic, we headed home for dinner. We had goodies in for Italian (I just bought some really greenish looking spelt and spirilina pasta), and Thai - and we went for the Thai.

Now any long time readers will know that I don't toot my own horn when it comes to my cooking. I am just not the kind of lady. Especially not when I see the likes of River, Shellyfish, Celeste and other vegan bloggers who are consistently crafting beautiful and interesting food. BUT....last night's curry was the dish to end all dishes. So if you only ever try one of the the vegancowgirl's recipes...this is it!

I am not sure if it is some newly developed baby growing super power, or if it was the never-before-used Lime Leaves, but the curry was so tasty I wanted to cry (and lick the bowl) - I actually did both...but the tears were from an episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

All other ingredients were pretty generic Thai curry ingredients (though I did serve the curry on a bed of Japanese Soba noodles), so I am pretty sure it was the fresh and authentic tasting Lime Leaves that did the trick. Yum Yum!

Lick The Bowl Curry and Soba Noodles

200ml organic coconut milk
200ml tomato puree

2 tsp olive oil

5 spring onions - diced

1 big thumb of ginger - diced

1 slab of extra firm tofu - diced

2 sweet potatoes - sliced
1 aubergine - sliced and diced
1 handful of frozen Lime Leaves - I picked these up from our Asian grocery shop
your every day average thai curry paste (I used red)

1 packet of organic soba noodles.

In other news...(how did I manage to not blurt this out at the top of the post?) It's a Girl!!!! Is it selfish (or maybe weird) to be excited about the idea of making a mini feminist inside by belly right now? Well, too bad!

I am off to Dublin tonight with Kim - girl's weekend away. We spent last week in Nice, which was...ok. The conference was great, but the city was actually...not very nice. A little on the sleazy side. And the food was less than impressive. Ah well, you win some, you lose some. I am not going to start complaining about the wonderful travel opportunities I have. We are off to Budapest next weekend - to visit friends. It will be interesting what happens to this vegancowgirl in the land of the goulash (to quote kevin).

I also have to share a picture that Kevin took of me when we traveled to Ypres for Armistice Day.....we pulled over when we saw this pile of carrots on the side of the road. Both Kim and Kevin thought it was a vegan's dream to be atop a bed of carrots. Have they never tasted vegan brownies? Now THAT would be a vegan's dream.


Mihl said...

Yay, it's a girl! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was going to say what Mihl said! Congratulations!
The curry looks delicious, I highly recommend making your own naan bread too (or 'Bread of Narnia' as I like to call it).
I'm very curious about Little Mosque on the Prairie now and would like to watch it but Amazon said no! >:o(

Virginia said...

aww the carrot pic is too cute! and i LOVE thai food!


Ricki said...

That's the kind of recipe I'd like to lick clean from the bowl, too!

Congrats on having a little feminist! (The world definitely needs more of those!).

Somebody asked about Little Mosque--it might be available online through the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) website. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I *knew* when I was pregnant it was a girl - seriously. Everyone thought I was crazy (which I am, but in a good way). I'm so happy for you! You could have grown to love a boy I guess... tee hee!
You made me all blushy & stuff! Know what? I'd never cooked until I was pregnant, and didn't really start making anything on a regular basis until Guppy was about 1 - made a cake for the first time. I think you do get super powers, or at least enhanced powers, when you procreate (and use your powers for good, too!).

Sal said...

The curry looks so good.

Congrats on your news!

Bianca said...

Dude, who the hell dumps a mountain of carrots on the side of the road? That's just random ... and weird. But the pic is really cute!

And the curry sounds wonderful! You can't go wrong with lime leaves and coconut milk.

River said...

You had me at coconut milk! What a but kicking recipe!

Thank you so much for the shout-out! At first I assumed you were talking about some other River (lovely low self esteem), but then I thought how many Rivers can there be out there in the blogging world? :)

Congratulations on your Little Feminist Vegan CowGirl!! YAY!!

WOW - that's a whole lot of carrots! Have fun in Dublin!

Hemsley said...

As always amazed at your energy ,it must be your diet how do you do it?
I must have missed something but now I hear that you are having a girl, I am so excited to be part of this group. Enjoy Dublin and the following weekend. I am in the kitchen with two Christmas puddings under my belt, two Christmas cakes and a Chrsitmas Cheesecake. I am not sure if you would be able to eat any of this stuff. The aroma of Chrsitmas is in our house and it is evoking so many memories. Happy Weekend

Tara said...

That curry looks delicious! Congrats on the little girl, and the photo of you is adorable!

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

congrats and yay for mini-feminists! And your curry does sound amazing. I want to try out some frozen lime leaves from our Asian market too.

Anonymous said...

Yiepeye, one vegan girl more in this world.

And I'm sure one of these days, I try your curry. If I find the lime leaves and I would finally have a freezer to keep them.
Enjoy your free traveling around, now you can still do it without dozens of bags with babyclothes, diapers, food, toys, ...

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I feel the same way when I see the culinary creations of the bloggers you mentioned! But by the looks of your curry, methinks you could hold your own against them!

jessy said...

yay for a girl - what exciting news! :) the picture of you & the random pile o' carrots on the side of the road made me smile! that's so crazy! ahahahahaa! i love it!

your curry sounds so so so so soooo good! i've already printed off the recipe and i intend to pick up some lime leaves next time i visit the asian grocery store! wahooooooooooo! thanks again for the recipe, VeganCowGirl! i can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I'd too like a girl (if I were preggers). What's up with that pile of carrots? So random.

I only have to figure out how to get a couple of ingredients (like lime leaves) and what the heck is aubergine and I'll be all set to make this. I promise, I will give it a try.

Jen said...

mazal tov! i am rather envious of your energy. i couldn't do much of anything during my pregnancy, but i wasn't a vegan then either. perhaps #2 will be a better experience.

and I LOVE the name of that curry!

Rakster said...


thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog! Its strange & lovely at the same time to find people enjoying what you have to say about things - especially something so important to me!

Congratulations yourself on your exciting news - I'd love to keep updated with it all.

BTW - the curry recipe looks fantastic, I'm going to get my cooking back on line when my exams are done & I intend to give this one a go!

best of luck!