Friday, July 28, 2006

*Stolen goods*

A night out with some special ladies was an excellent way to spend my last night out East.
However, I stole a mug.
The older woman sitting to my right was disgusted in my vigilanty behaviour and was on the verge of telephoning the Hamilton authorities (i don't blame her - you have to do something with the youth these days).

I have some excellent photos of Emily (aka best sister on the planet) Brittany (best laugh EVER) and myself.

I am exhausted and totally ready to hit the road!!
Giant goose here I come.

this is a side shot of some last minute toe art and Emily on the phone with Andrew.....
"don't take my picture, don't take my picture" (pose).

As far as vegan food reports go, the winner of the last week of noshing goes to MY MOM!!!
She made THE BEST broiled veggies and fu...way to go mom! You are the best vegan mom on the planet.

I had a little creation of my own tonight.
Here is the receipe - enjoy!!!
Leaving the Hammer Jimica (pronouched Heemeeeeeca or something along those lines) and Mango Salad
1 massive Jimica (I think this might be the wrong spelling)
3 mangos
Slice it all up and slam it in a bowl
Throw it in the fridge while the rest of dinner is cooking and you have yourself a kickin and cool appie or main.
You could throw some lemon or lime in this baby and it would be delightful.

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