Wednesday, August 02, 2006

some things to make my missin' some loved ones heart feel a bit better!

I got a place! I love a place! I am a place!

Okay - get ready because I am in love. I am smitten. I am intoxicated. I am fully and whole heartedly (the only way this little vegan ever is about anything she loves) in mad passionate love with Calgary.

I have my first report:

Great people, expensive food, deals on gas (yuck), really f'ed up streets (can we have some names please?), awesome shops, amazinglytastic neighbourhoods (HOW CAN EVERY COMMUNITY WEST OF CENTRE STREET BE SO FANTASTIC?), and a most excellent dog population.

One yucky observation: noooooo CAN recycle but you have to take your sorted goods to a municipal box (not so wonderfully located) and deposit your odds and sods in papers, plastics and glass...poop.

I have a great condo, I have a great little hood (give it up for bankview) and I have already made some yummy friends!!!

Everytime a cow moos a vegan is getting her cowgirl hat....
yes it is so...jimmy stewart I love you.

Went to work today - saw my new perfect....
shite, all this that the other shoe around the corner stomping and gripping about my smile? shoot, darn, oh no! I won't let my anxious tummy stomp out this excitment...onward into soyagood happiness and fluffy tarts made without eggs.

Check out the new hood:

Will have the keys and some photos tomorrow....

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