Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back to my soya-stomping grounds.

I have had the time I need to heal from the situation that took me out of my blogging frenzy of the mid to late summer.

I am back and soy free!
That's right. Soy Free.
Most wouldn't have thought it possible. What, with my soy binging on those little and wonderful Edamames, and of course my countless feats on tofu delights. And who can imagine that I would have the gumption (or the desire) to give up on my steamed soy milks....(and Second Cup could we PLEASE stop calling them steamers??? It just doesn't make me feel good while ordering).

So what has prompted me to do such a silly thing like put down the soy fork? be honest the words of a cappaccino bar maid is what did it. Sharing her story about the 56 pound goiter that had burst out of her throat as a result of too much Soy...that is what did it. Well, that is what at least got the party started. I did some more research into the mysterious world of our favourite little bean and noted that vegans (and the like) have developed a dependency on soya that is similar to the dependency that others have on cow, chicken and corn products (now, to avoid being called a generalist, I realize that there are many vegans who are much more diverse in their culinary habits than this little missy - not to mention a bit more up and up on the discourse of dining). Soooo...long story short: Soya beans (esp. those that are processed) introduce too many isoflavones into the bodies of those of us who drink it like the holy water that it is. These little isobuddies can suppress thyroid production - causing some metabolic disasters (hello goiter) for some and too much estrogen production for others.
I have decided to take a wee break, but will re-introduce after having had a break.

The following news is not quite as exciting as the above:
I have given up on my alberta adventures. I hummed and hawed about continuing this vegan cowgirl world. But you know what? I don't need to be living in Alberta to be a cowgirl. No way! I can ride all the bulls I want right there on Bloor street, and I can check out all of the mocksteak options that continue to grow in the wild world of toronto.

This is by far the best decision. I need to be here for my family, and to be honest, it is amazing being back at my old job. I love working at this particular college. They are wonderful and my students are superb.

Here is a text message that I received from a student on Thanksgiving:
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are having a great tofurkey of a day!

Now that is impressive! Who needs apples when you get text messages like that!

So here is a little recipe that I have concocted in my non-soy loving days. I call it
Pass the Pickles
1 tsp of olive oil
2 roma tomatos
1/3 cup of canned 'matos
5 cloves of garlic (this is my recommendation, but do as you like)
1 chopped onion (either coarse or fine)
6 fat pickles: chopped into just a bit smaller than bite size
chili powder
1 cup of black beans
Warm up your pan (i used a deep frying/simmering pan) and make it nice and wet with the olive oil (if you don't want to use oil - I find that having the burner on med and starting out with some liquid will get you the same effect)
Add your onions and wait for them to get a little translucent. (maybe 2 mins)
Add your chili powder, rosemary and a some fresh oregano (can you smell it??)
Add your little pickle slices and your black beans. You will at this point want to add some liquid so throw in your canned 'matos.
Let this simmer for about 10 mins and then you can pitch in the raisins, a wee bit more chili powder and your roma tomatos (which should be a bit chunky).
cook for five minutes more and than enjoy. It is pretty yummmmtastic.
your cowgirl

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