Friday, October 13, 2006

New Protein Product!

I procured from the local Fortinos (by the way, can I please celebrate the glory of being back in the belly of Ontario with its bevy of fruit stands, excellent grocery stores and all around incredible foodie options), anyway, I procured from the local fortinos a really wonderful product that I want to recommend to any muscle building (or protein craving) vegans.

The product is:
Hemp Protein Powder, (made by North Coast and ringing in at 19.99) and it comes in this fantastic little recycled-paper paper bag. I was concerned that it might be a bit grainy or chalky, but when I whizzed it with a frozen (half) banana and some fresh strawberries, some flax powder, a touch of cocoa and a tiny bit of water it was a little pudding treat to start my day! I threw on a handful of walnuts to capture a whole lot of EFA's for my day of lecture writing....just what my brain needed.

Oh - the recommended serving was 2 table spoons - I cut that in half and added all of the above ingredients to enhance the EFA quotient I was getting this morning.

I must admit that my tummy has never been happier. Lately my steady commitment (which is saying a lot for me) to Dr. Udo and his handy little bottles of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics (which you can get totally veganized) I am feeling in tip top tummy shape. Never better in fact. I find that salads, raw foods and legumes don't cause me half the tummy woes that I had experienced in the past. They all get my recommendation.

Had a long chat with my bro last night about the situation with my uncle. My brother is a real stoic, a missing link in today's society of fast ipod, blogging mania, mass this and mass that....he is a buddha I think. Which would be great for me - I could use some help with my tree pose. Anyhow, he has a really fundamental way of looking at things: What is the point of being angry. This sentiment seems to be the ground in everything that he does, says and exudes. He is my little brother, but sometimes I have a sneaking suspicions that my mother has inverted the years we showed up on this fantastic little planet. He has wisdom - I think he may have gotten a good allotment of that from the mighty emperor penguins he met while traveling through south america.

Have a protein shake and dance until you can remember your name!

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