Sunday, October 15, 2006

Macrobiotics and other zennish delights.

In my search for calm and order (a good balance to the furry of confusion that has left me feeling like that little twig in the old idiom. Not sure how much more I can bend though) I have been looking into the world of Macrobiotics. Mb sounds a bit "Gwyneth Paltrow hollywood romance" for me upon first listen, however, I think that there is some merit to be had from spending more time thinking about, and deeply considering, the relationship your food has to your life and vice versa. Having been given permission to eat wheat once again (thank you oh mighty digestive enzyme/probiotic goddess - you can also call her angelique) I think that the world of macrobiotics is one I might take a bit of a swim in. I have on my goggles and my swim fins (otherwise known as critical reading skills and bullshit detectors) and find myself wadding through a murky mire of internet information (read as sales pitches).

I have a bit of the basics:
Avoid Red meat, dairy, eggs (this vegan is already on that train) - allowing for the body to be free of any 'ying' or 'yang' intensities. Sounds a bit 'smoke another' but let's keep going.
Ingest 50-60% whole grains (daily) and then mix in loads of veggies (they seem to adore the world of sea vegetables) and then add a weekly sprinkle of seeds and nuts.
Avoid caffeine, sugar and refined anything (that would be nice) and also attempt to go organic whenever possible.
So far this is sounding quite healthy but a wee bit expensive. I have really serious issues with the marketing of 'healthy' and organic lifestyles as the answer to so many of our consumer driven problems. Not to mention the fact that the whole idea has a thesis that reads like this:
Only the rich are permitted to be well and healthy.
That is terrifying - one could argue that we are finding a way to engineer the poor and unhealthy right off this planet (okay, sorry, I watched battle star galactica last night and I think my brain is a little too heavy on the world conspiracy theory....)

So....let me read a bit more about this macrobiotic world and see what my thoughts are......

For lunch I am thinking Quinoa, tomato, some broccoli and maybe a couple of handfuls of cabbage.....
let's check it out.

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