Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ride Em'

Well, I did it. I finally purchased a pair of vegan cowgirl boots that I have been coveting for some time.....I just couldn't think of a reason to NOT get them anymore. I am waiting for them to come via UPS...and I am getting a little antsy. But, they are worth this anxiety; they are worth the trouble. The daintily stitched little hearts that float up the leg of the boot, and the veganacity of the whole purchase just make me shake with glee.

Now, I just need new pairs of flats and runners. The runners - no problem. I love Saucony! Many of the company's products are vegan AND it is managed by a woman....fantastic. Vegan AND they give me some of the best 10kms I could ever ask for. So the runners: I am thinking The Running Room. A bit more expensive, but I get to feel like I could do the Toronto Marathon in 2 hours when I am in there....positive folks and Canadian-run....just the way I like it.
But, the bane of my existence has been finding a pair of flats this year. All I need is Vegan, flat, black, and that too much to ask for it? Well, this season it is! It is the year of the heel, and being a lady-of-the-little-people I do feel the need to attach extensions to my legs on occasion. However, I am not one to 'flamingo' it on a daily basis - making me a not-so-ideal consumer during this recent invasion of the spike. Transit usually satisfies my need for dress shoes...not so much right now....

Shoes, shoes, shoes.....I can't help this fetish, I can't put them down, I can't stop, I can't hold back. But all of this purchasing does have a non-obsessive reality behind it....the buggers at GreyHound who lost my stock of vegan footwear....and want to offer me a measly 100 dollars...Imagine. Imagine. I am fighting; fighting with all the energy in this little vegan body of mine. But until I get the funds deserved to me I will keep coughing up in the attempt to restock my limited supplies....oh, shoes. Lost on the highway between oakville and must be so scared, so alone, so very unsure of where I have gone to. I might be able to replace you, but I will go on loving you (no matter how many pink hearts they stitch on my shiny new pair of vegan cowgirl boots).

Here is a nice little breakfast whenever you feel like having a raw week (which I am having):

1 Banana (sliced)
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/4 cup of walnuts
1 teaspoon of flax
2 dashes of cinnamon

Mix them together in a cute little glass bowl and there you have it - an energy packed breakfast. It is wicked tasty too!!!

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