Thursday, November 02, 2006

Zinetastic -
I have been inspired to create a zine version of vegancowgirl! A rather wonderful girl-student in my Wednesday morning-impressed-anyone-makes-it-because-it-is-so-darn-early is a zinestress (in addition to a number of other superhuman talents), and her dedication to craft and indie art projects has struck a cord with me.
I have been looking for something to do, something a little bigger and requiring more responsibility than this little blog here...and to be honest, I can't quite handle my cats yet, so I don't think a child is the appropriate answer. So let's see if I can't birth myself a zine.

As noted, the zine will be a print version of VeganCowGirl, with the inclusion of reviews and submissions from other folkies (of the vegan and non-vegan persuassion).
Let's see how this goes.
Any thoughts or ideas are totally encouraged and will be lovingly applied to what ever is about to happen on my apple.

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