Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holidays Holidays and The Scandal in Bohemia

I have just had the most ridiculous argument with someone about real irish people having to be under 5 foot 3. Please.

Can amazing nights come from investigating health foods store again for the first time; playing a piano with your feet, all whilst being suspected for shoplifting from a toy store and navigating through a new space with a most interesting person?

I don't have any recipes today. Only recommendations.

1. Eat good food all of the time.
2. Do not eat before cyclefit class when you want to show someone what you are capable of. (barfing will ensue)
3. Leave yourself open to new experiences, even if they may potentially get you fired.
4. Celebrate holiday because you are on holiday, not because the potential for receiving new lu lu lemon outfits go up by about 100%.

5. (and the most important) write at least one love poem in your life, and be sure to receive as many as possible.

I must return to my research. I adore reading all of this sherlock holmes. And I am most excited to report my discovery of the Toronto Public Library's Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Special Collection. It must be christmas.

Oh wait, one more recommendation - check out The Merchantile - a great little gourmet shop on College between grace and...which ever street is the next east. Fantastic treats and great service. Nice little gift baskets and loads of vegan treats.

One more thought - I finally wore the boots. Although they looked much better in C's rendition of Miss Duke a la boots, shorts (can you call fabric that small shorts?) and tank, I think I managed to pull them off.....not bad for a Monday night dinner out.

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