Sunday, May 27, 2007

Notorious Little Vegan

Last night I watched (or fell asleep to) a rather disappointing retelling of Betty Paige's life. yuck - it was terrible. But, in falling asleep before 9 30 I was able to wake up early enough to put in 3.5 hours at the gym this morning! I had a great cycle fit class....all of this exercise led up to a fantastic cook-off tonight that consisted of a killer refried beans recipe and some excellent guacamole.

Before I get to my dinner I have to share my beauty treasure for the day: SunCoat Nailpolish, number 24. The colour is a tad more 'goldish' in hue than I was hoping for, but I can live with it. I found this little treasure at Noah's on Bloor at Spadina, and although it was more pricey than your average nail polish, it is 70% natural product and it isn't tested on animals.

Okay, so the beans.

I started with some Canola in my large wok, and added some organic tofu (1/2 a package that I pressed and than diced into small cubes). To the tofu I added some pepper and oregano. I let this satay for a wee bit and than added the diced red pepper, green pepper and a hot house tomato. While this little mixture warmed up a la medium to high heat (the tomatoes were great for adding liquid and preventing any sticking), I got to work on my guacamole only to find that I had left myself with only 1/2 an avocado (thanks to my chocolate pie adventure of last weekend), but I made do by adding 1/2 a tomato, the juice of 1 lemon and 3 cloves of garlic. I contemplated adding some silken tofu, but decided against it.
Back to the beans. I decided to go grad-school-stanely-ave styles and rather than using black beans I used some PC refried beans...they are nicely spiced....and voila, a little salsa, a little love and a whole lot of yummy.
I warmed up some pita in the oven and enjoyed a little bit of wendy mesley's Market Place (watch out of insurance deals when buying a car!) while eating my bucket full of beans.

They didn't last long enough for me to get a photo................

I have no idea what those silly goats are doing. But, they have horns so I am not going to mess with them.

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