Friday, May 25, 2007

Squares and Pods

I had a wonderful trip through Dufferin Grove Park tonight. All the 'bring your own bag' folks were milling about the growing-by-the-week number of vendors that were offering everything from organic herbs and horizontally traded chocolate to soy based treats and raw granola. I was glad to have only 2.50 on me or I think I might have opted for more than the vanilla-coconut square that I ruined my dinner with.

I am off to Vancouver next weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing Angelique and the littles. She has the best troop of littles and she really is an amazing mom. I will have to take a bunch of vegannie goodness with me, I am not sure how many options I will have in Campbell River and especially in Zeballos or Tassis. I am hoping to see the SuperPod.

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