Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What is Dirty Blister Infection?

I have a hole in my foot. I am not sure if I got around to mentioning the blister a super cute pair of shoes from Le Chateau happened to drill into my heel? Since I haven't been interrupted by a florist delivering me your sympathies I will assume not....

The blister isn't THAT large. Well, perhaps the size of a quarter? How about the size of a dried apricot procured at Strictly Bulk on Bloor and Ossington? Anyhow, blistered my ankle be. I covered it almost immediately (which may be my problem), but noticed that by Sunday night it was warm, red and signing its own rendition of some really great Broadway tunes (okay - as an aside, there is the CRAZIEST woman on Jeopardy right now!!)

I decided that rather than have my foot swell itself right out of my Birkenstock or deny me one more afternoon without my cyclefit class (I admit to having cycled on Sunday when I should have taken a day of reprieve) I would head over to the Christie and Bloor Walk In Clinic. I was ready to wait an hour (or four), but I was actually the only patient and was seen within five minutes. After a quick (and totally unneeded) groping by the Dr, I was treated with BOTH a cream and an oral antibiotic (so Roger, I think you were wrong, this thing COULD kill me).

I am quite sure that this expensive duo is NOT vegan, but I have to say that my moral fibre is not willing to do a full investigation at this point - I want my leg. Is that terrible? Is that bending to the unavailability of vegan first-aid/antibiotic formulas?

The shoes that I thought I had gotten a fantastic vegan steal on ($29.99) seem to have now cost me around 80 bucks once you work in the cost of the medicine, the bandages and the now unwearable shoes.....but hey! at least I got felt up by the doctor! Excellent.

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Anonymous said...

Is this post even serious? Would you rather your kids/parents have to mourn your death because of some stupid vegan ideology that made you avoid antibiotics?