Thursday, August 09, 2007

Curry Catch Up


I have a recipe to share that I made before leaving Toronto and it was so yummy that I needed to post it. Enjoy!

But wait a second...there is a wicked show on BBC 2 (Animal Park), and I couldn't start this post without suggesting that everyone quite their job and watch this program 24/7.

The Wednesday before I left I wanted to make a meal for my family and I decided on a curry. I made this decision mostly because I thought, if they weren't jiving on the curry, they could (HOLY CRAP, the joey on Animal Park is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!) have the veg and/or rice separate from the coconut milk combination that I whipped up.

I started with my mom's well used wok, and a little bit of olive oil. I diced the extra firm tofu into one-inch cubes, searing them until crispy, and than removing them from the wok, placing them in a covered glass bowl.

I also started about 1 cup of basmati and 2.5 cups of water to boil. Making sure to check it constantly to avoid burning....Turn the heat down after about 20 minutes, cover tightly.

I added 2 tbsp of seaseme oil, curry powder, cumin, pepper and coriander to the wok, which was sitting between med and high, and threw in the chopped sweet potato, which I allowed to cook on their own for about 15 minutes - just to soften them up. I than added the green onions, cooking until translucent. I than added some mushrooms, 2 tomatoes, red pepper, garlic and ginger.
At this point I also added some soya sauce. I cooked the veg for about 15 minutes, let the oil burn off and crisped up the veggies.

Then comes the yummy - the coconut milk. I actually added 3/4 of the can, rather than the whole can, only for the sake of it not being a 'lite' can, I added a wee bit of water to the now thick and chunky sauce.

I added the tofu and let the curry simmer for approximately 30 minutes.

With Matt not making it home from work, Rick at work and Em having fallen asleep with a headache my plans for a family feeding turned out to be a lovely intimate meal hour with Anne Marie, my mom and myself. The only thing that was missing was a bottle of wine. I added crushed peanuts and raw cashews to the top of the dish, serving the curry (in totality, rather than separate, now not having to worry about keeping the dish's elements separate for Em's sake) atop a bed of fragrant rice.

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