Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Sun

Starbucks better get it together!

I decided to avoid a group sightseeing tour today and headed out on my own. I had the intent of hunting out a vegan restaurant, but in the end, I opted for a book shop, a tea house and a stop at Place Jourdan.

I started the day with a walk to the Royal Palace and a stroll through Parc De Bruxelles. Both of these stops were amazing. The palace's walls and ceilings were gilded with gold and dripping with chandeliers. The Parc was originally the hunting grounds for the Royal family and is now house to a number of fountains, sculptures and a couple of magpies. I wound my way towards the Grand Place, finally managing to get some pictures.

I have been looking high and low for some Chai Tea in the grocery stores with no luck. Today, after finding an English bookshop and purchasing a new book mere minutes before finishing Heather O'Neil's Lullabies for Little Criminals, I ran into a lovely tea shop. The shop, called Le Palais des Thes was full of tourists and locals alike. I escaped with spending a mere 5 euros, which purchased a HUGE sack of chai tea and a nice little cotton, reuseable and petite tea bag. Excellent.

After my purchase I headed to Rue Ixelles where I found loads of familiar shops, including The Body Shop, H&M, Mango, Zara and a tonne of new finds. I purchased a new phone for my LAN line, but, for some reason, despite having BELGCOM stop by to hook up my phone line, I can NOT find a plug...argh. I also found a hair straightener!!! Excellent. I will no longer be roaming the roads looking like I stuck my finger in one of these incompatible electro-plugs!

On the way home I stopped at Place Jourdan for a cup of tea, and was blown away by what I got for 2euro. Not only did I get a nice little cup of tea, the cost included: a little bowl of ice cream and a sliver of coffee cake. I enjoyed this cup of love on the patio, under an umbrella with a book in hand. I watched a variety of customers be delivered some delicious looking milkshakes, waffles and ice cream sundaes. I admit that it is only being a vegan that is keeping me from the potential of gaining a million pounds - the dairy all looks so luscious!

Yesterday I had a great run through Parc Du Cinquatenaire which, by far, is my favourite park. The two museums at the top of this park, joined by a large arch, from where the Belgian flag was draped, are just beautiful - can't wait to check them out.

The problem with being in Brussels is that there is so much to see, and so much to do that you feel almost overwhelmed for a lack of time.

I have to get over the idea that I don't have to pack up and go home next month. I can take my time, buy some rubber boots and enjoy a slower pace.

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