Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spent a wonderful day bumming around in Bruges yesterday.
Learned a whole load of insider information. Here is the breakdown:

1. There is this wild 'new' (or I am out of the loop maybe?) media tool, where people can SLING their media from one part of the world to another. For example, my mom and dad could 'sling' their cable right on over to my computer. Interesting. Check it out: Sling Media

2. Lepers had a wet and damp place to sleep during the 11th century if brought to the canals of Bruges. If you have to have a terrible skin disease might as well have access to guided horse drawn tours, tea shops and chocolate right at your

3. When Belgians give you a second class train ticket - they aren't fucking around. Get to the next car (Kristen and I were booted from the first class car to the back of the train) C'est la vie.

4. A MANDAL is a sandal that is being worn by a man. This apparently commonly used term on the east coast of the US caused a great 'Lyndsay Laugh' to errupt in the second class train car. "he's cute, but he is wearing mandals"

5. Tammi managed to find the answer to all of the woes known to women looking for 'the perfect guy', which she managed to articulate in this amazing sentence:

"All I need is a rich guy on life support"

This is a shot of me throwing a penny into the Lake of Love. Rumor has it that when a sad girl does this a boy on life support pops right out of the water.

The brewery where we had lunch accomodated me in the most wonderful way. While others were enjoying a beef stock base soup, I was treated to an amazing salad, complete with sprouts and fresh tomatoes. My main (potatoes and mushrooms) was a little on the boring side, but that's alright.

I capped the trip off with my first session of Lyndsay + Belgian chocolate = I love the world.

Check out CBC Radio 3! Best way to discover some really kicking indie music, and some excellent ways to embed music (including your own play lists into your online world)


Ashley said...

Hi there,

We're going to Bruges in February and you mentioned you had belgian chocolate there, so I'm assuming it was vegan...where can we find it? Thanks!

professorblueberry said...

Hi Ashley,
Actually Bruges has a couple of great vegan options (I have been back since this last entry).

For the chocolate specifically, I sampled a couple of different chocolate shops - asking if it was sans lait et beurre and checking the ingredients list when available. I stuck with the 85+ cocoa solids (i have found that chocolate that is less that 75% will still contain milk even if labeled dark chocolate). I stay away from Leondatis (everywhere: not just in Bruges). There are some really cute designer chocolate shops - that are on the same level as Marcolini - but without the pomp and circumstance (if chocolate can have pomp and circumstance).

We also found a GREAT restaurant - that does a lot of traditional meat/cheese heavy dishes, but has a really great veggie soup and an awesome salad. They are located close to Onze Lieve Vrouwakerk, and is on the corner of Mariastraat and Gruuthstrat.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.