Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sandy and his S.Hs to The Rescue!!!

I think that yesterday might have been the day of my true induction into Brussels. Somehow I must have misplaced the notice, because I was no where near ready for the crazy, and yet, miraculously hilarious events that transpired.

The day started out as normal as a bank of clouds sitting above the horizon here in the sunny capital of Belgium. Actually, I should have known there was something in the air - as I headed for my 'tech integration' meeting the sun was bright and I made it all the way to the bus stop without stepping in dog poop. And so my morning passed rather uneventful - a good couscous salad and a trip to the science cabin - that's about it.

But than.....1, 2, 3....where is Cheryl....4...and Sarah...and Tammy and Steph. Whoah. All these folks and a set of keys to a Toyota van without any seats in the back?? Amazing. And who is driving they ask??? "Lyndsay" they say!!!

From 3 pm, until the last drop off at 8 35 pm, I managed to embark with some good friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Why not have your first European driving lesson on the highway? Why not pile dining room tables, wardrobe, various examples of tropical plant life, some beer (yes, one euro and you are drinking in the IKEA front lobby), chairs, bookshelves, hangers, loads of little things and...oh, 7 grown ups into the van.

It was hilarious to watch the men look as a big white van pulled up to our respective houses, being driven by a stunning, if not sweaty, woman who was accompanied by her super hot, super strong furniture wheeling friends. We got some say the least. Hence the title of this post. Speaking of posts...despite it all - I only hit 2.

On the tram ride to our long awaited respite we stopped for take away drinks at a DVD shop (!) and the journey was interrupted by a troop of regularly scheduled (friday nights) roller bladders - about 300 of them! It was quite spectacular to see.

Throughout the later part of our evening, where we enjoyed a patio, I felt like a foreigner in China as I was thanked and gumbaied. I tasted some fantastic beer, "TRIPLE", which, apparently earns its name from the 3X alcohol it incorporates into its receipe. I also had the chance to rush over to a poor teenage boy (who was not expecting to be accosted by the crazy, and now smelly, Canadian girl) to meet the CUTEST puppy jack russell. Not only that - I had some amazing rice 'ice cream' at a nice little cafe, while everyone else was scarfing some double fried (yes, double fried) frites.

It wasn't a usual way for super-nerd (oh, sorry, kevin: "mini-nerd") to spend her Friday nights - but, it was so worth it. Something I will never forget - even if my f'in IKEA alarm clock doesn't bloody well work!!!

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