Friday, September 21, 2007

Best Veg Artist Award....Goes to -

Her art work is sensational - sublime (if I can write that without sounding like any of my professors in grad school. Or a dick). Despite having taught at Sheridan for a number of years, and having managed to make some great friends there, I still have very little clue about art work. art history or how to make art.

But I know what I like, and I really love Heather's paintings. And not just because I knew her when I was 16 and than again when I was standing in her doorway delivering a package of vegan baked goods to a customer who I though had a vaguely familiar name.

Her work is amazing and introduces me to characters in the same way a really good book does - sharp and foggy at the same time, real and unreal.

So - check her work out before I destroy any more art-based discourse with my attempt to tell you how amazing it is.

The work above is heather's.

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