Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lessons in Dutch Squatting...

Those of you who have been regaled (read: bored) by my story about learning yoga while in China, will be happy to know that there is a Part II to my Exercises in (Language) Exercises.

I am the proud member of the Ladies Only Passage Fitness on Avenue Louise, which, wants to be an Oakville YMCA, but falls short in a couple of areas: the weight machines are terrible (but they have a pretty good cable machine and a number of free weights), there is a TOTAL lack of water fountains (quite unsafe really), and the weird Aveda-style aroma therapy that spits out of secret wall sockets is less enjoyable than one would think. This being said, it is quite nice. More importantly - it is away from school and gives me a "Lyndsay space" - and they have 'the wave', which I only barely started to get a hang of when my train pulled out of the Oakville station.

Anyhow, after my time with Uriya (my new little Jewish friend) I headed down the apparently mondo-exciting tram line number 94, where men make sandwiches en route and one can receive free Italian lessons. I was expecting to take on a spin class and show how to cycle Canadian-style, but the class was called off. I wasn't to be detoured. BodyAttack was being offered in the next room - and I was spandexed-up and ready to do it.

The class was in dutch. Wicked.

I totally enjoyed myself and took my brain of linguistic acrobatic jumbles (that comes from living in Brussels and listening to kids who speak about 45 different languages) to a whole new level.

The pretty and super fit girl who took me through a wicked routine was, for sure, the lead singer of The Cardigans. For sure. But really, her tattoos were really cute and I busted a move like I was at Kingdom in 1996 with my fake id (ahhhh...remember Iva Zupansic? I can't believe I can remember that...only turned down once).

I earned my tofu and popcorn tonight.
Did I ever.

I have a couple of new friends that you have to meet.
They aren't named yet, though, the options are up on the white board for discussion tomorrow morning. They are actually really cute, and have forced me to move beyond an unknown nervousness that I had about little green things to become a den mother of these two little darlings. The kids are pretty hilarious around them.

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