Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am on a posting frenzy today.
Why write reports, when I can be posting on vegancowgirl?

Thanks to my Google Reader, I have been filling my lunch hour by catching up on some tagged readings - most importantly, finally getting a chance to read The Discovery Channel's Planet Green web site. Now, I know, I know - it is a corporate site, it is corporation sponsored media wrapped in reusuable gift paper made to appeal to my hippie, eco, vegan, home-made-make-up-making sense of self. But, to be honest, this well designed, well written, and incredibly well thought out website has stolen my heart.

With a series of tabs as navigators, which anyone from the tech-spectrum (ranging from capabilities of my great aunt phyillis, to this physicist I know) can tackle, the website offers its readers a range of applicable, useful and fairly manageable products, projects and suggestions to make your life less of an imposition on the planet. Under the various sections, truncated versions (full available for free with one simple and obvious click) of clearly written DIYesque articles range in topic from: Recycle that Turkey Fryer Oil into BioFuel and Green Your Media: tell your favourite magazine to recycle to Ride Your Bike all Winter and Fold a Paper Wallet.

It isn't all treehugging and David Suzuki videos about how to install a brick into the back of your toilet. It is slickly designed and written by a number of sheik urbanites (who aren't even posing as slumming it up hippies). It is becoming a clear mark of the new post-AL-Gore documentary world - ecoism (s) is trendy, sexy and cool - and even black turtleneck wearing office types are loving the chance to put buttons on their blazers and can be caught using cloth bags (so long as they are from American Eagle Outfitters). But, hell, I say, expand the buses, take out more space in the jet liners, hire another car...the more people on the band wagon the better. Check out Planet Green.

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Jasmin said...

Hi Vegan Cowgirl,

Collin, Lloyd, Kelly, and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for your kind and generous words!

Although we're employed by a multinational company, we're probably as uncorporate as you can get. We're genuinely passionate about what we write about, and we're thrilled to have savvy readers like you who get what we're trying to do.

Thanks again for reading! And please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, o or just to say hi! (And I swear, I usually never use this many exclamation marks.)