Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry, Stephen...what exactly is the mistake?

According to an article written by the CBC, Stephen Harper has referred to the Kyoto targets stamped and sealed by his ill-fated successor Paul Martin, as mistakes and unattainable. However, Canada may not become a environmental waste land just yet, as it appears that all three of Quebec's political parties have decided to maintain the targets for their provincial enviro-goals. Way to go Quebec. I am thinking that between your eco-friendly mindset and the bevy of brilliant poets, singers and authors you keep churning out you might have something pretty good going on over there.

In other eco-news, for those living in Belgium, check out Greenpeace's eco-rating of our electricity providers. This is a great link sent by a co-worker (who has been taking advantage of the all faculty option in our email software). And, for everyone living in Canada, you can also check out the Canuck-based site - but, in case anyone was deciding to buy me an iphone for Christmas, ignore this article.

Speaking of Christmas shopping - or holiday gift procurement if you prefer - I have to share this excellent site I stumbled upon at about 6 am this morning. It provides an huge array of gift ideas, and goes so far as to eco-rate suggestions by Dark Green, Medium Green and Light Green (however, they fail to provide a legend, but I think I have it figured out thanks to those good old inference skills). The links are to some pretty excellent, and perhaps otherwise hidden eco-organizations, gift companies and product sites. I found a great shoe store (I can give myself Christmas gifts). The company is SIMPLE - and they make, what look like, amazing vegan comfy clogs. Anyone who sells a shoe called the eco-sneak is wicked cool in my books.

Happy Clogging!

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