Monday, January 14, 2008

china 010
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Sitting in our comfy apartment in Brussels, free from any more neurotic health worries, I was contemplating making a little treat I saw on one of my favourite blogs: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen . To qualify this: I never actually make any of the recipes fat free...Olive Oil is too yummy and let's not even imagine a world without sesame oil.

Here I sat, pondering Sichuan Tofu with Garlic Sauce, when my brain was whisked away to the night markets of China and the street smells of roasting corn, really gross snails (which everyone assured me tasted great), and the quintessential Chinese treat - stinky tofu. With this olafactory memory I remembered that I have some 700 photos from China saved on Flickr, which, thanks to tonight's brain wave, I will have to dole out to you precious reader, on occasion.

The image I share from tonight was one taken whilst sitting right beside a night market. This 'noodle man' who made spaghetti - and was apparently the only spaghetti man in all of Beihai, in a most dramatic fashion, constructed the noodles right there in front of you. You could even get a vegan tomato sauce to go along with the yummy noodles. After a night of noodle eating, one could hardly turn down a pineapple on a stick.


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