Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mom's Vegan Pizza
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This pizza left me in such a state of satiation that it has blocked out any real memory of context. I can't recall which day of my holiday this was made (and ravenously eaten) on; who was in the room; I have a vague memory of other family members eating take out while I was in this pizza-induced haze. I lack in any real details.

Lack is one thing that this pizza did not exude. It was everything a little vegan (and her donkey) could want in a pizza. In a meal. In a last supper. My mom bought a vegan pizza crust from Fortinos and used my once loved pizza stone to create this masterpiece.

I can't be sure of the ingredients, but I do know that there was olive oil, fresh herbs, tomato, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, and.......oh god...chickpeas atop this little whole wheat bed of heaven.

Let's give it up for Omnivore moms who invest time, love, Google research and thought into cooking for their crazy vegan daughters (and sons!) around the world.

I love my mom. And I love her pizza!!!

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