Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pumpkin Curry

There are so many things I want to share! My curry from last night, the amazing blogs I have been reading, my love for puffed millet, the bubbling excitement I have for my weekend project: making the vegan sausages I have seen on VeganDad and Vegan Miscellanies.

Let's start with the curry. Over the weekend the cauliflower and broccoli where imploring me not to let them go bad this week. No problem. The thai curry from last week, and the quarter bit of pumpkin I picked up on the way home from work, inspired me enough to ignore the power point I was making for Friday just a little bit longer and whip up a curry.

I started by skipping the oil and adding half the juice of a can of tomatoes. Next I added the onion, garlic and a load of tumeric (I was reading a National Geographic article about the Okinawan people and the connection between their use of tumeric and their notable longivity.) Next, I put in a spoonful of the red thai curry paste I used in last week's curry - spicy!
As I threw in the pumpkin, I also added about 250 ml of water - to help with the cooking of this brightly coloured veg. I let the pumpkin cook for about 20 minutes before I added the brocolli, peas and cauliflower, which was about the same time I added the coconut milk. A surprising addition was a handful of organic/fresh spinach that was sitting in the crisper.

The dish was great. But, like K's beans, it was even better for lunch. The clue here is that I should buy a slow cooker and chuck in everything before heading to work in the a.m. This makes loads of sense considering my close relationship to the Energizer Bunny at 5 30 am. Why stop at whipping up juice, doing the laundry, making breakfast, tea and lunch - let's get dinner in there while I'm at it!

Of course the eating festivitites were hardly over for the night - walnuts and dates were chewed on before bed.

Ok, so, I have been reading. I admit, the reading has not been professional development, heady fiction or Scientific America. It has been blogs, blogs and more blogs. Specifically vegan blogs. I have been addicted lately. My assumed reason for this new addiction is that I don't have the time to run to bookstores anymore, and my circle of vegan friends in Brussels is quite small (, can I be my own friend?). So, I have started to look towards the work of my fellow bloggers to become inspired and adventurous. I am most pleased by the connections you can make and the information that can be share. Mostly, I have just been enjoying the writing of so many cool people, whose personalities are bright and shiny on the computer screen. I am particularly taken with Pleasantly Plump Vegan, her blog is hilarious and the recipes are totally manageable and yummy looking. Vegan Dad is a great writer (I think he might even be a prof of some type), Vegan Talk has a political edge that I love, and Chocolate Covered Vegan is just so sweet (oh! that pun is great!). I love the idea of collaborative blogging and will be writing on What Do Vegans Eat - looking forward to sharing VeganCowGirl's recipes with Josh's audience.

My dinner plans for tonight are malleable. Not sure yet. Could be anything from a carrot (because us vegans really only like carrots, and they have to be raw) to a Tofu Wellington.

Input? Ideas? Offers to Cook?


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ok, seriously, YOU are the one who is too sweet :o). But I feel the same way about sometimes having to be my own vegan friend in my town, which is why I am so grateful for the internet!

Your pumpkin curry sounds so good. I have a love affair with pumpkin/squash, so I'm going to try this.

pleasantly plump vegan said...

oh wow! you are so kind! i like to hear my recipes are manageable. i really try to cook simply.

that curry sounds delish! me and my hubby are crazy for curries, and i love the match up of a curry and pumpkin. great idea!

Happy Herbivore! said...

i love pumpkin! I've made a pumpkin curry before using a recipe on the PPK but you're offers a larger array of colors and textures!

let me know how those sausages turn out! I trust your opinion!

ps added you to my blogroll