Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wowed By Rome

We had a spectacular day trip to Rome on Tuesday, made possible by K's stellar driving skills.
(If you grew up and learned to drive in Canada, it is more than a little difficult to drive 130 MINIMUM as prescribed on the Italian highways, but luckily, K is from Britain...)

We left for Rome after a quick, as predicted, Beanie Buddy breakfast and were standing outside the Coliseum by 10 30. We spent pretty much the whole day on our feet, minus a couple of trips on the metro and a great lunch at Miscellanea: International Student Pub, which you can find quite easily at its alley address of Via Pastelle in the Pantheon Area. We saw sights in abundance, to the point where I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed; literally every turn of the head offers the tourist (and there were many) another ruin or sign post of the cultures whose feet walked before us.

We prebooked a trip to Nero's palace, which is buried beneath a series of additional buildings that were consciously built atop this once opulent house of the emperor. I was struck by the sheer size. Well worth the few extra euros. (I promise to post a Flickr link when I get back to Brussels, in case anyone is interested in seeing some of the sights)

I am still continuing to find the relative cheapness of eating in Italy fantastically refreshing. Brussels, though, with good cause, boasting a boat load of top notch and diverse eateries, they are all so very expensive, and lack the street food that China, Toronto and Italy (with its pizza and stuffed olives) has in no shortage. Perhaps I should find myself a caravan and start dishing out fresh vegan road side dishes!

We got home around 10 30 with the worst sunburns we have experienced thus far.....and were wiped, barely able to nourish our exhausted bodies - settled on some warmed up tomato sauce on bread and a bowl of popcorn. Yikes - not the best food. But we made up for it today. We had a great day of good eats....

I am going to save that post for my (habitual) early wake up tomorrow. Until then may all your vegan cookies be scrumptious!

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