Sunday, March 22, 2009


Who doesn't love some inspiration? I found mine in blog land this weekend, as I so often do! Thanks to the lady-keeper of Awesome Vegan Rad, I sought out the tools needed to get growing indoors. Of course, I have been watching and reading about the in-door gardens of other wicked cool bloggers, but, maybe its the spring sunshine, I really got down to it yesterday. I bought two types of lettuce, three different colours of carrots, onions, garlic and some lavender. They are happily germinating their hearts out on the windowsill - much to the annoyance of Eliot who is feeling some injustice with her special viewing seat being taken over by some big green boxes.

(please note the FILTH on my cat's fur...she had been rolling around on the ground in the most sultry, sun worshipping kind of way)

I was also inspired by the always info-packed-full blog of Jenn. I made her Everything Granola Bars. I did some subbing here and there, and realized, at the last minute, that I didn't have the right sized pan for her recipe, so I ended up with some yummy nummy granola-flat bread. No - they aren't quite that thin, but they aren't anywhere near the thickness they should be. Taste wise - num, num. They will serve as great little kitchen-walk-by nimblies and toppings for my oatmeal throughout the week. I love love love all of the nuts and seeds! Great recipe Jenn.

I am also inspired by my oatmeal. I just love it so much. Maybe too much. I felt that I had no choice but to take a pretty picture of it. So here it is, in its: fig, maple syrup, soy milk, oatbran, raisin and cashew glory! Oh yah!

Oh, and because Shellyfish asked so nicely - here's my belly! Big and beautiful - baking a little baby boy in the Belgian sunshine.

Wait a second. Speaking of inspiration - I am reading a beautiful book right now. Just as a little preemptive - I love my yoga, granola and natural soaps, but I don't think anyone would put me in the new age category, so don't get freaked out by the title of this book. It is called Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting, and it is written by Myla and Jon Kabbat-Zinn. I have had only a bath's soak worth of a read, but I am already so impressed with the text. It doesn't ream off a list of to-do's, or assault me with a by-the-week-chart of exactly what my child should be doing (and how to 'fix' them if they haven't worked hard enough to reach that goal). Rather, these author's focus on the idea of stopping to look at our children as a holistic being and trying to be mindful of the big picture with every situation. They also acknowledge that we aren't perfect and we aren't yogis who can step back with every new stress or big decision and pull out some holistic and happy-for-all answer. They encourage you to accept the lows with the copacetic meditation of their approach to parenting, and to look at the lows honestly and fully to better understand how to make it better next time. I really dig the idea of looking at your kids as their own little, full beings and not a pile of our own (failed) expectations, yearnings, misgivings, hopes, dreams etc. I dig it.

And for all the other meal planners in the world - here's this week's line up:
Sunday: Seitan Burgers and Sweet Potato Chips
Monday: Ratatouille
Tuesday: Mashed Cauliflower and Edamame
Wednesday: Mom's Green Beans and Tomatoes with Baked Tofu
Thursday: Cumin and Carrot Soup
Friday: Left Over Goodness

Have a wonderful and foodfilled week!!!


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

that's a great sassy photo of you! And your plants sound like fun. By the way, the "I was a teenage feminist" documentary was well done; actually much funnier than I expected.

Ricki said...

Great recipes, and love the belly! You look so healthy and happy in the pic. I also LOVE Jon Kabat-Zinn--I have his mediations books and refer them all the time when life becomes a bit too frazzled.

Catherine said...

The photo of you is gorgeous and hilarious!

Love your meal-planning ideas, too -- I may need to jump on the meal-planning bandwagon high speed here in a few months!

aTxVegn said...

Oh, your belly is beautiful! And the granola sounds just heavenly.

Astra Libris said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you and your baby boy! You look gorgeous, girl!

Your oatmeal sounds heavenly beyond compare... As do those granola bars! YUM!

River said...

Tree awwws:

Aww, Eliot is so cute with his filthy fur! I love it when they do that rolling around on the ground, sun worshipping thing.

Aww, your belly! You are beautiful and glowing! It seems like it was just a few days ago that you said you were pregnant. Time goes by so fast.

Aww, thank you for your sweet sweet comment! Give your kitties an extra hard hug from me. And thank you for the evil stares, that Chancy is a big jerk.

Carin said...

Granola bars are just yummy. Makes me want to go in and make some right now!

Belly looks fine :)

Lauren said...

You look great! Love that picture! Everything looks so good and your planned meals sound fab! Have a great week!

VeganCowGirl said...

Thanks to all my belly buddies! I have to say that despite the carrying it around (ouch my back) I just LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Aw, look at you and your beautiful belly - you're glowing, girl!

Good for you starting an indoor garden! This year it isn't going to happen for me, but I hope to start next year!

jessy said...

you've got one tasty week lined up there! mmmmmmmmmm! and i love the photo of you! you're just too cute! i love it! and thanks for sharing!

Eliot is just too adorable! hooray for indoor gardening & lots of inspiration! i could eat oatmeal everyday - and i still need to try out Jenn's granola bars! huzzah!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Love the belly photo!

Vegetation said...

Haha, my kitties come inside looking like that sometimes! Usually with cobwebs sticking their whiskers together at the same time!

There's so many yummies in this post I can't pick a favourite! They all look awesome.

And your belly looks great too ;)

Can't wait to see those seitan burgers you're making (please tell me you're going to blog those!!)

Amanda said...

A bowl of oatmeal is a beautiful thing..I was just admiring mine yesterday..he he he! Adorable belly photo! You know Live in Toronto? I keep dreaming about their chocolate avocado pie..loved it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind on blogs - I'm finally catching up and what do I see? A super-duper-sexy mumma picture! You look fabulous! Like a young Isabel Adjani (I'm totally spelling her name wrong, but whatever).
That book is lovely - they are such a great couple!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I like your blog a lot, I'm going to try and keep up =)