Monday, June 15, 2009

VeganCowGirl Goes Dutch!

I found a really, really well done blog a couple of weeks ago. NOW, it isn't of the vegan variety, but the food that Dutch Girl makes is spectacular and the photography is out of this world. I love the little 'recipe card' that is included with each amazing meal she prepares. Kay's food is just too good not to try and coax into the veganny world, so I started out with her Peanut Potatoes.

I changed it up a little bit and added tofu to the baking dish for a one dish-wonder and was pretty happy with it. Though, I wonder if perhaps my green chillies were a little under the weather because they certainly didn't give the dish the spicy kick I was looking for. I also added a few other little things and played with timings a little bit, so find below my version of Kay's wicked recipe!

Nutty Fu and Potatoes

7 charlotte potatoes - peeled and cut into bite size chunks
1 packet of extra firm tofu - I cut these into 2 cm thick triangles
3 cloves of garlic - grated
1 thumb of ginger - grated
1 cm of green chili - seeded and cut into bitty pieces
2 tablespoons of peanut butter
1/3 cup of water + 1 tsp of vegetable stock
sesame seeds - as you like
sesame oil - 1 tbsp
4 green onions - diced

I parboiled the potatoes according to Kay's directions, using the boiling time to whisk up my peanut sauce: the peanut butter, water, veg stock, sesame oil and seeds. After I cut up the tofu and waited for the potatoes to get hot enough to lose a sense of hardness, I added everything minus the green onions to my ceramic dish and gave it a good all over peanut sauce bath.

I baked it for about 1 hour at 350 - a little longer then Kay and was happy with how nicely the sauce crisped up the fu and the potatoes, without drowning them. I ate mine with some avocado. Nummers. I also made VCTOTW's Carrot Cake cuppies, to take to birthday party the next day, but sadly we (as usual) forgot our camera. BUT - Isa and Terry can rest easy because they were snapped up in no time with loads of compliments in their wake.

After the birthday party on Saturday we ventured back home, hoping that the bumpy ride might have some impact on VeganBaby's arrival (no such luck), and decided that the sun and socializing had sapped us of most of our energy. So, we decided to make a quick, but really, really yummy Bean and CousCous Salad. Oh my goodness - it was fantastic. Mostly the work of Kevin, as the sun did more to me then bring out my freckles - it turned me into the marshmallow man from ghostbusters. I needed to have my feet up.....Great Salad Kevin!

I hope everyone had a stellar weekend, and I wish everyone a fantastic week!!


Pearl said...

that just looks delicious!

Sal said...

oh those potatoes sound absolute heaven. i love potatoes and peanut butter and never would have though to mix the two!!!

Anonymous said...

That dish sounds just divine - taters, tofu and peanuts = happyfish. I'm off to go check out her blog (once I've bookmarked your recipe, that is!).

A said...

The "Nutty Fu and Potatoes" sound great! I'm Delicious tagging your post so I can make it for my family later!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious and sounds funny: 'nutty fu and potatoes'.
I hope you have a nice week too. Maybe you'll have this special day. A day that you will never forget in your whole live.
Good luck with it!!!!

Bianca said...

Neato! I have this great vegan Dutch cookbook that I always forget about. It's a little DIY-style spiral bound booklet that's pretty awesome — all veganized versions of traditional Dutch dishes. My boyfriend's family is Dutch so I felt obligated to learn to cook some of their traditional foods.

Amanda said...

Yum! Looks great. Glad you put your feet up and can't wait to meet the little vegan! Thanks for your thoughts on the ice cream maker too..will be making the big purchase this week..yay! Fresh vegan ice cream!

jessy said...

i’m sorry the chilies didn’t give ya much of a spicy kick, but your nutty fu & potatoes looks most excellent! i love your addition of tofu – and i looooove a good one-dish meal! Kevin’s couscous salad looks divine, too! hooray!

aTxVegn said...

Peanutty potatoes sound absolutely fabulous! I love to see good recipes veganized.

Hello Veggie said...

Looks tasty! Congrats on the upcoming delivery =)

Mihl said...

Potatoes and peanuts sounds so good! Thanks for this great recipe, I'm off to buy some peanut butter.

For the Love of Guava said...

Wow! We just tried these and they were delish! Thanks for the recipe!