Friday, October 09, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Day Nine - Let's Get Nakd

I am sure I have waxed lovingly enough about LaraBars for you to appreciate a smidgen of my obsession? And perhaps you are aware of the lack o' Lara out here in the antique streets of Brussels? Well, I have managed to find a replacement....sorry Lara. Kevin and I head out to StoneManor a couple of times per month to stock up on things like Puffed Wheat, Baked Beans and Bagels. StoneManor is a 'British Store' that is stocked full of things that are hard (read: impossible) to find in Brussels. I try to be good and not fall for the chickpeas that are in English packaging....we can get chickpeas here, but there are some good finds in this bursting at the seams shop. Enter - Nakd Bars, which are made by Natural Balance Foods. My fav so far is the CocoLoco bar, which isn't pictured (since I gobbled it up on the car ride home), but I also really like the way that they have their 'regular sized' bars and then these little 'nibble' sized bars - perfect for a quick snack, without having to eat a whole big bar (because who could only eat half?)

I also grabbed some of their Trek bars this time - which are higher in protien and also super vegan. I had one for lunch today and it was FANTASTIC. Loved it, and I love their attitude: cute, fun and healthy. I love their openly vegany ways and I get a geeky kick out of their packaging and design. Aodhan thought the wrapping was pretty well done too! Watch out got some competition.


Jen said...

i love food in bar form. that kid sure is cute. sometimes food in bar form can be so dang expensive! see my latest post about easy breezy granola bars that can be made with very simple ingredients.

hope all is well,

xo jen

A said...

Oh he is just a doll!! So cute..... kind of steals the show from the bars!!! They look ok too! Ha!

Amanda said...

Cute baby and bars. You've got my attention!

Vegetation said...

Awww he's adorable!!

And yum! We don't get any bars of deliciousness over here (well none that I've found anyway!)