Thursday, October 08, 2009

VeganMofo: Day Eight

Mmmm. There are some super delicious meals being prepared for VeganMoFo! So glad I am back online.

Kevin was about ready to pitch some dying bananas last night, when I saved them from the bin. This act of banana-charity meant that I had to get the led out today and make something with them or I would be inviting a Fruit Fly Convention. I searched through a couple of books and found an oldie but a goodie and made the Banana Coconut Cookies from How It All Vegan. How can you go wrong with oats, bananas, and coconut? You can't! These squishy little suckers are great!

Now, why have food without fashion? I admit that I am not in ANY way a fashionista - quite the oppisite in fact. Thrift stores, t-shirts with owls on them, black converse and back packs are the name of my fashion game. Boring maybe, but I have just never had the fashion 'sense' that some people do, and have accepted my geeksheek apparel. I do however see shoes as an essential part of any outfit, something to be considered whether we are talking business suit or jammies (fuzzy slippers anyone?). Don't get me wrong, I only own one pair of heels and I bought them five years ago to wear to a friend's wedding. I am a flat footer for sure. I just don't go in for buying shoes that are supposed to push my rump up for some dude's benefit while simultaneously breaking every bone in my feet. But, I do like a good runner (saucony), a good mary jane (earth-vegan) and I love my vegan Berkinstocks. However, I have been looking high and low for a wicked vegan clog - previously because with teaching you are on your giffers all day, and now...with being a mom, I am still on my feet all day. The ones I found previously - online of course - were either not really clogs, or too ugly to consider purcashing. But then I stumbled on Sanita - The Danish Design shoe folks, and low and behold...they had Sarah. A vegan clog. I loved her from first sight, but the price tag was a little much. Luckily, I have Kevin here to tell me that I need to spend a little money on something other then organic produce once and a while. So, yah, I have my vegan clogs and I vegan-love-em'. They are fabricy goodness on the outside and nice and sturdy on the inside. I highly recommend these babies if you are a floor pounding vegan!


Liz² said...

oh yay for vegan clogs, they sound so comfortable! And can I use geeksheek? I'm such a geek about fashion, too, but proudly so. Jeans jeans, thrift store shirt, silly scarf, barrettes, pretty much everyday . :P

Mihl said...

Those cookies sound great! I really should get my hands on Sarah Kramer`s books.

Anonymous said...

Lyndsay, I love the clogs and am on the market for a good non-leather pair. Are you wide-footed? Generally hard-to-fit? I'd like an idea of what these felt like in terms of meeting expectations. I'm afraid to buy shoes online.