Monday, January 18, 2010

Pizza and Pumpkin Pie (Ice Cream!)

We had our usual Sunday Night Pizza Party last night. This was a special one though, because Aodhan got his very own mini pizza. He didn't seem to care too much about what was on his pizza, but was more interested in using the whole wheat crust to help his painful gums. It was a great meal, as usual made by Kevin. He is a pizza pro and spends the entire day getting his veg roasted to perfection before getting started on his dough. What a guy! We also made some really nice Apple Sauce yesterday, which I had for breakie this morning - much to Aodhan's delight.

Tonight's dessert, Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, which followed a dinner of whole wheat pasta topped with the left over veg from last night, was in one word: heaven. My version of Wheeler's Pumpkin Ice Cream (from Vegan Scoop - great book), sent me into ice cream ecstacy - really. I have never tasted anything quite like it. Visually it looked like, well, baby poop. It smelled just like a pumpkin pie, and it was oh so tasty. Really, I can't recommend enough giving your ice cream maker the luxury of experiencing making this recipe. I could (and just might) eat it all night long.

Well, off to cuddle a feverish baby with hopes that his teeth come through this week and he can have a little relief before which ever milestone he is about to tackle next. Poor little vegan.


Anonymous said...

He's so adorable, your little vegan!

I have the Vegan Scoop too and a can of pumpkin in the cupboard..maybe I'll give this a try. The ice cream maker has been gathering dust for a few months so it's long overdue!

Johanna GGG said...

it is just one thing after another with babies isn't it - but at least there is so much joy along the way - I tried pancakes with Sylvia today when we ran out of bread she would eat but now I think I should have tried pizza - what a waste of a cool day in summer!

Millie said...

Your baby looks like a minature weight lifter. He is the cutiest baby. God Bless him.

Mihl said...

Ha, ha, that second picture is so cute and funny!

jessy said...

hooray for pizza night and some seriously awesome looking pumpkin pie ice cream! mmmmmmmmmmm! Aodhan is adorable, i love the pictures of him with his little pizza. :) made me smile - thank you! i need to get an ice cream maker and Vegan Scoop, too - i bet homemade ice cream = the best! mmmmmmmm!

mangocheeks said...

Pumpkin pie ice-cream. OMGoodness.
I will have to track down the recipe, or get the book.

Aodhan is soooo sweet.