Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raw Rolls

I know I should be doing something like cleaning up the kitchen (aka: bombsite), making creative flower arrangements with photos like the one I saw at playgroup yesterday that made me feel like a loser for not even having time to sort my socks from my undies, or, doing some reading about parenting that might have held a magical secret for dealing with my 7 month old who had a meltdown during our walk today that resulted in my pulling out my boob in the middle of the street in -4 degree weather. But no....instead, as Aodhan munches on his monkey, I am blogging! Yah!

I made a killer lunch today. Really raw avocado rolls. Not just raw veg, but raw EVERYTHING. These rice-free, protein packed sushi rolls were a perfect 'get me through the rest of the day until Kevin comes home' kind of snack. And, so much more easy to assemble then their rice filled brother.

Seriously - you have to make these. Go and do it right now. Go!

2 cups of raw sunflower seeds - soaked for 1 hour.
1 lime
2 sheets of nori
1 ripe avocado

I whirled up my seeds and lime in my food processor (much to Aodhan's horror), and then simply used this seedi-goodness in place of rice filler for my rolls. It took me all of two seconds to assemble the avocado rolls and about 2 minutes to down them! Num Num! you can see - they were fun for the whole family!


Jill said...

The raw rolls sound great! It's always nice to see recipes for quick and easy vegan food and especially raw vegan food. This would be a great meal to take on the road or make when traveling. I'll have to keep this in mind :)

Sarah-Lyn said...

Very interesting!
I wanna try these out for sure, my best friend is vegan and will like these ... I myself just recently started a new lifestyle - I'm not vegan but I am trying a meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free diet :)


Mihl said...

These look wonderful!

Lauren said...

Those look delicious! What a little health cutie you have!

Natural Violet said...

The rolls look yummy! Will definitely have to try them.

jessy said...

oooh, yay! i've never made raw wraps before - i guess i was always kinda intimidated by them. but they seem easy enough, sound awesome, and look fantastical! i'm glad you took some time to blog about them - i totally want to give them a whirl! mmmmmmm!

Nikki said...

I love raw nori rolls! I just finished eating some for lunch :). Very quick & easy for sure. Love your blog, too. Just found it.

Johanna GGG said...

yay for blogging - I know the feeling of doing it when I should be doing other things but I tell me it is my relaxation time - and those nori rolls look great - glad aodhan got into them

Fayinagirl (means Free One) said...

Such a cute baby! =)

I have some seed cheese made up in the fridge. Think I'll turn that into "raw rolls". Thanks for the great idea!