Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ode to my Juicer

It has been about 2 months now, since I purchased my Philips HR 1861, and it is as cosmically wonderful as its name is science fiction fodder. The clean up is a breeze and the assembly is no stress.

With rare exception my morning begins with some peeling, plunging and pouring. The machine, and its end results are totally satisfactory.

Now, I am not the kind of girl to get all silly about machines - there are a few that have served me well, but most, like my OVEN (!!!), break down, don't live up to expectations or, occasionally, seduce me into procurement and then sit idle in some dust covered state. Not this puppy though. This past week, I have been in a bit of a juicing rut (see previous tempeh post, obsession is not unusual). I can't stop creating the concoction below. Yummy.

1 pomplemouse (grapefruit - pink or yellow)
2 apples
2 blood oranges
5-7 strawberries
1 thumb of ginger
1 iphone - watch this video

A few mornings over the past week I have added a little bit of echineaca to ward off the warnings of a cold. (sniff, sniff).

This morning was another early morning. Up with the birds. Feeling as though I had already accomplished a huge deal at 7 am (with a lab and half an article written), I thought I would tackle the vegan pancakes that were aborted twice last week for lack of ingredients.

Apparently, Brussels is on a different altitude than Oakville. The last time (of about 25) that I made vegan pancakes they were as great as every other attempt - never a problem. I have almost always used a combination of recipes from Vegan Planet, with results that pleased many a Sunday morning palette.

I actually went through 3 frying pans this morning (finally resting with the tiny cast iron option), a whack of batter and more patients than I knew I had stored up after a night of DIY IKEA style. The end results were none too pleasing. I'm not sure if it was the different soy milk, the flour, the flax....hmmmm....but either way, I am determined to figure it out. In the end they were gobbled up by the badger living under my bed.

The dodgy pancakes could easily be a way of the vegan gods to balance out the OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GREAT curry I made last night. Who knows? I through together onion, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, chick peas, red curry paste, coconut milk, water, bean sprouts and tomatoes and ended up with heaven. It was, by far, the best little cook-off I have had in a while.

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pleasantly plump vegan said...

i am a huge fan of juicing!